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Middle School American History : The Constitution

Make a chart in your notebook with the following headings: Name, State, Contribution to the Constitution. Research the Constitution and add the following men to the chart:
Benjamin Franklin
Elbridge Grey
Alexander Hamilton
James Madison,  Jr
George Mason
Gouverneur Morris
Robert Morris
Rodgers Sherman

Add any other men you would like from your research.

Read the first three Articles of the Constitution.  Write about the functions of the three branches of government. Identify some of the individuals who currently serve in each branch of government.

Some states refused to sign the Constitution unless some individual rights were spelled out and attached. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. Write about why the Bill of Rights was so important to the early Americans after their experience with Britain. Are they important to you? Prioritize the first 10 amendments. Can you eliminate any that are not important? Read the rest of the Amendments. Group the amendments in the following categories:
gives you the right to do something,
give you the right to have something,
gives you rights when you are accused of something, gives you the right to be something, or make up one of your own categories. Write about ways that you hear, such as on the news, about the Constitution at work today.  Listen for evidence that the branches of government are carrying out the ideals and laws of the Constitution. Write about what evidence there is that the constitution is still a powerful document. Write about the actions of the first leader of the executive branch of the government. The cabinet is part of the executive branch. Read about the current cabinet. What are the positions and who is currently filling them?

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