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Early Middle Ages: The Holy Roman Empire, 962-1440

Some of you have noticed that I have been posting less history activities. Much of that has to do with the fact that my youngest boys are getting older (I can't believe that James is fifteen now!) and are completing less hands-on projects. I will post, as much as I can, however, our lesson plans as we go through our studies, in case that is helpful for some of you whose kids are are getting older.
File:Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor and Berengar.jpg
  • Read a history spine about The Holy Roman Empire. We used The Kingfisher Encyclopedia and write about it in your history notebook using this method. 
  • Complete a map, showing the area that was controlled by the Holy Roman Empire. We used the map from History Odyssey, Middle Ages, level 2.
  • Put significant related events on your timeline, including the who's and where's.

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  1. I had, but I'm also enjoying all of your lesson plans and links to old posts you're putting up. It's quite fun.


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