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123...I Can Paint! Warm Colors and A Field of Flowers

Some colors seem warm and some seem cool. Red, yellow and orange are warm colors whereas green, blue and purple are cool colors. This week we are mixing and using warm colors to make a field of Black-eyed Susans (the Maryland state flower).
First mix the paints to make a warm light orange.
Use this for the background.
Once the background is dry, paint brown circles all over the background.
We dipped a wine cork in the paint and dabbed it on. You could also use a piece of cut sponge or just paint them freehand. They do not have to be perfect circles.
You can let this dry before adding on the petals, or you can just be careful not to smear the centers while you add on the petals. Either way, when you paint the petals, first mix up two shades of yellow -light yellow and a darker yellow. Using these different shades of yellow, paint the flower petals. We used fingers to paint on the petals.
For contrast, you can paint a strip of light, bright blue for the sky...
and some green stems and leaves. You can add any other details you would like to your painting.
Next week we will be working with cool colors.

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  • 123...I Can Paint, Irene Luxbacher


  1. I'm really liking this entire series - and your explanations of the process. Pinning!

  2. This looks so great!! Where will you hang this piece?

  3. I love how you've simplified these in such a way any Mom can do this with their kiddos. Thanks for sharing your lessons with us.

  4. These lessons are so great and Alex is producing some lovely work.

  5. I'm really enjoying this series - I think it's a great resource for parents who want to paint with their kids.


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