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Kid Made Swedish Star Ornaments

This wooden star is reminiscent of...
Scandinavian straw ornaments, but instead of straw it’s made of toothpicks. 

glue-I used a glue gun, although tacky glue may be easier
colored thread, string or embroidery floss

Make a guide on a piece of paper by marking out a tic-tac-toe like grid in which both sets of parallel lines are one inch apart. Now, place two toothpicks on top of the grid on two of the parallel lines. Take two more toothpick and glue them onto the first set, using the grid as your guide as where to place them. The tricky part, especially for children is keeping everything as straight as possible. 

Clean away any as much of the extra glue as you can. Wrap with some string around where you glued the joints together, cutting any excess string off at the back and glue down the ends. Glue one toothpick square on top of the other as in the picture above. Make a loop out of another piece of string to create a hanger.


  1. Very pretty! I was just eying our left-over toothpicks for just such a project...it's amazing how often we're on the same wavelength :)

  2. Cute ornament. Now I need to dig up some tooth picks.

  3. These turned out great! I was thinking of making something similar for my post on ornaments around the world at Multicultural Kid Blogs - but thought it would be too fiddly for kids to attach the toothpicks with string - it never even occurred to me to work with glue and a grid! Luckily someone's thinking :)

  4. Clever! I remember making something like this (an original version) as a child - they were popular in my country as well!


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