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La Fiesta Restaurante: Designing Floor Plans

La Fiesta Restaurante

The Rosada family has just purchased a new restaurant that is larger than their La Tostada Sabrosa restaurant. Since they are moving into a brand new building, they are excited about creating a floor plan. Your assignment is to assist them by coming up with a plan for them to look at.

The Floor Plan

This is the floor plan. It has windows on two sides, and a corner entrance. The doorway cannot have any objects placed in it. They need to place the kitchen, the bathroom and 11 tables (4 tables that seat up to six people, 4 tables that seat up to four people and 3 tables that seat one or two people.) We discussed determining dimensions, perimeter and area.

The City Codes

There are city building codes that the Rosadas need to follow in the design of their restaurant.

  1. The Kitchen can:
    1. share 2 sides with the perimeter of the restaurant, OR
    2. share 1 side with the perimeter of the restaurant, OR
    3. be freestanding within the restaurant
  2. Bathroom must share one OR both sides with the perimeter of the restaurant
  3. Tables can only have their shortest side touch the perimeter OR tables can be freestanding.
  4. There must be one empty space (square) between any two objects in the restaurant.
  5. Nothing may be placed on the shaded entryway squares.

The Assignments

Students need to able to show how their plans meet all the building codes. If the floor plan passes inspection,  they can record their Restaurant Floor Plan. You can also have your student write a persuasive paragraph to the Rosadas explaining why they should choose his plan over any others. Alternatively, they could write in their math journals about what strategies they used to situate the kitchen, bathroom and tables. Did he have to change the strategy as he went along? They need to explain their problem-solving process in detail.

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