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Seeing the Effect of Changing Temperature

What does temperature really measure?
In this demonstration, you will see what happen to air when its temperature increases.
You will need a bowl of ice water.
You will also need a plastic bottle. A 1-liter is perfect, but any size will do. You will also need a balloon and access to hot water.
First, put your bottle in the ice water, putting as much of the bottle in the water without getting any water in the bottle. Keep it there for about 5 minutes.

 After 5 minutes, take the bottle out of the bottle and dump out the ice water. Place the bottle on the table and place a balloon on the opening of the bottle so that there is an airtight seal.
 Run your tap until it gets hot. Once it gets hot, fill the bowl 3/4 way full and stand the bottle in the bowl as before. Wait a few minutes and you will see something like this.
Now record everything in your science lab notebook.
In the ice water, the balloon is deflated because the air molecules are moving very slowly.
In the hot water, the balloon is inflated because the air molecules are agitated and moving faster and taking up more room.
Temperature: A measure of the energy of motion in a substance's molecules

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source: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, Wile


  1. This is great! I bet my little boy would be amazed by this! I've pinned to make sure we do this. Thank you for posting it :)

  2. Very cool experiment. and so simple1 I know this was a huge hit and will be remembered. I still remember everything i learned in science class when the lesson was tied to something like this that was so visual and interactive!


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