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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

American Revolution, Part 3: Washington Crosses the Delaware

The boys learned about Washington's crossing the Delaware river for a surprise attack against the Hessian forces at Trenton New Jersey. We noted that the story included horses being a part of the forces that crossed by boat, and that was a fact that I had somehow forgotten. They were not carried over in small boats, however, as depicted in this famous painting, but on barges.

Emanuel Leutze's painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851)
We discussed some of the historical inaccuracies of the painting, and about it being not a realistic, but a stylized depiction of the crossing.
Then the boys reenacted the scene of the Hessian soldiers celebrating...

 and not noticing the American soldiers coming across the Delaware.
(Looks a little like the painting, doesn't it?)

 The Americans caught the Hessians unaware.

They also added some interactive maps to their history notebooks.

sources and other inspiration:

Seeing the Effect of Changing Temperature

What does temperature really measure?
In this demonstration, you will see what happen to air when its temperature increases.
You will need a bowl of ice water.
You will also need a plastic bottle. A 1-liter is perfect, but any size will do. You will also need a balloon and access to hot water.
First, put your bottle in the ice water, putting as much of the bottle in the water without getting any water in the bottle. Keep it there for about 5 minutes.

 After 5 minutes, take the bottle out of the bottle and dump out the ice water. Place the bottle on the table and place a balloon on the opening of the bottle so that there is an airtight seal.
 Run your tap until it gets hot. Once it gets hot, fill the bowl 3/4 way full and stand the bottle in the bowl as before. Wait a few minutes and you will see something like this.
Now record everything in your science lab notebook.
In the ice water, the balloon is deflated because the air molecules are moving very slowly.
In the hot water, the balloon is inflated because the air molecules are agitated and moving faster and taking up more room.
Temperature: A measure of the energy of motion in a substance's molecules

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source: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, Wile

30 Days of Gratitude, 22-30

22. Although I do like a simple, old-fashioned lifestyle, there are a few things about living in this period that I am grateful for...like those skilled in medicine. Sometimes I think about how Steven's accident would have affected our lives if he had not had access to skilled doctors. Or, how Sam's arm would be now. Or how Sam and Katie's epilepsy would affect their lives if they did not have the medicine they need.
23. I also appreciate things like plumbing. Nothing like a hot bath whenever you want it or the absence of chamberpots to make one grateful.
24. Electricity. Sometimes I even resent it, but in general it makes our lives so much easier and connects people all over the world.
25. The ability to travel. Although I don't do it much, I do like to travel and it is a wonderful thing to be able to do.
26.The freedom to go where I want, be with who I want and do what I want. Freedom.
27. The senses...the ability to see colors, hear music, touch soft baby skin, smell roses, taste chocolate.
28. During this time of uncertain financial conditions, that Steven has a job that  provides for us a home, warmth, food and all the necessities.
29. Craftsmanship...the wonderful blend of talent and diligence.
30. "For He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."

Wordless Wednesday: Current Events

{This Message-in-a-Bottle project was inspired by Katie to do with her brothers.}
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Nature Connections in November

The Dogwood tree's leaves.
We joined a nature swap.
Once the leaves of the Dogwood fell off, the beautiful berries were revealed. 
James took this lovely shot of the evening sky.

A well camouflaged praying mantis.

Nature Exchange

Message In A Bottle Project

Nature Exchange from Southern California

We had so much fun with our last nature swap, we decided to join another one. This one was hosted by The Magnifying Glass and it was a nature exchange. This one was different in that you are to collect several different items and send the entire package to just one family and you get a package of items collected by another family.
We received our package today and look what was in it! It was sent from Of Grateful Praise from Southern California, and it was interesting to see what natural items are the same and which are different from the items where we live, on the opposite coast, in Maryland.
Long Beach, California
found at El Dorado Nature Center
Our acorns are so much shorter and fatter than these.
Santa Monica, California
Found at the beach
The shell looks very much like one we would find on our beach.
Pacific Palasides, California
found at Temescal Canyon Park
The maple leaves look very similar to ours.
Pacific Palisades, California
found at Temescal Canyon

We don't get many smoothed stones like this one.
(ordered at Amazon! Have fun!)
We do not have any geodes.
Long Beach, California
found fallen and abandoned at neighbors
Beautiful little soft nest. Wonder what kind of bird made it?
pine cone
Culver City, California
found walking to craft fair
We don't have any pine cones of this size here! Ours are much smaller.

Pacific Palisade, California
Temescal Canyon Park

 These seed pods were sent unidentified, but Steven (who is from Northern California) recognized them immediately as Eucalyptus seed pods. When he told us, we smelled them and you could smell a slight Eucalyptus smell. We don't have those here in Maryland.
Los Angeles, California
from our backyard
I don't recognize this butterfly. Do you?

Thank you so much Of Grateful Praise for our lovely package.

How about you? Do you have any of these items where you live? Do they look any differently?