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Making Mushroom Spore Prints

“...this is exactly what a child should be doing for the first few years.
He should be getting familiar with the real things in his own environment.
Some day he will read about things he can’t see; how will he conceive of them without the knowledge of common objects in his experience to relate them to?
Some day he will reflect contemplate, reason.
What will he have to think about without a file of knowledge collected and stored in his memory?”
Charlotte Mason, volume 1 page 66
Look what we found! These are some of the largest mushrooms I have ever seen. Mushrooms seed themselves with spores that drop from their gills in beautiful patterns. so we brought one in to make a print of these patterns. We carefully placed the mushroom, gill side down, on a piece of construction paper. We chose black paper since the shade of the gills was white. If the gills had been black, we would have chosen a light shade of paper to contrast best. We left the mushroom undistrubed for about 24 hours, and look at this beautiful pattern! We sprayed the print with hair spray to keep it from smudging.
*Although mushrooms are not really plants, they are often discussed with the nonvascular plants because scientists used to think that they were nonvascular plants. Scientists now classify them as a fungus, a special kind of living thing that is a decomposer.

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