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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary: July 2017

July 2017
This summer we got together and made up a schedule of the things we wanted to do and I made it into a chart of the week's schedule.
In addition to daily summer camps that 
Acting Camp for Quentin
Welding Creations Camp for James
and James are going to, we also do some activities every afternoon and evening.

Art with James
This is the painting I worked on while James worked on his landscape. I gave it to a friend visiting from Arizona who used to live here and misses the beaches.

The Pool and Board Games

 Art with Katie

Tribute to VanGogh
This is the painting I worked on while Katie was working on her seascape.

This will be Baby's Breath in a jar.
Art with Alex

Evenings at the Beach

Sam and I do Tai Chi together.
Evenings are Movie Night. We are going through the Lord of the Rings series, 90 minutes at a time.


James, and sometimes Quentin, goes to their Magic the Gathering Club.

Church and Voice Lessons for Quentin
and Sam reads the Bible to me as I cook dinner.

We have been eating good, healthy food this summer.

Some of the kids have made their own summer goals schedules.

Katie has the goal of learning how to bake a good pie and other goodies that she has never baked before. Most of the recipes she is using are from a 1960 version of Betty Crocker.
We have also been enjoying fresh lettuce and herbs from her garden.
Of course we have enjoyed our pets.
We have explored many beautiful areas around us.

How has your July been?


  1. These photos tell such a story! What a wonderful summer you all have been having. :)

  2. Busy, much like yours.
    I love all the artwork you guys completed, but the sunflower/stars one is my favorite.


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