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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, January 2017

January 1-5, 2017
We celebrated New Year's day a little differently this year with a Japanese Party with Sushi and a Hibachi dinner. We also had our traditional Hoppin' John stuffed Poblano Peppers. We played tabletop games all day.
We celebrated James' 16th birthday. Hope and Eddie came over for dinner (James' choice of Pasties) and birthday cake (James' choice of a butterscotch cake) and then Steven took James and Eddie to James' MTG club. 
They didn't get home until 1:30 am!
We transitioned from Christmas holiday, ending with epiphany, and back to regular life. 

January 6-12, 2017

January 13-19, 2017

 I took Hope to visit Eddie who had another hospital stay, this time for two weeks.

Katie and I went to Brenda's house and we enjoyed a few days of an at-home spa retreat complete with foot soaks, face masks, tasty healthy food and relaxing activities such as dominoes, a dinner at a Japanese restaurant and a visit to a tea shop.
January 20-26, 2017
Sam and Katie started their spring semester of their first year of college. Sam signed up to take Microeconomics, English Literature, Statistics, State and Local Government and Freshman Seminar. Katie signed up to take Painting II, English Literature, Child Development, Freshman Seminar and Algebra. Sam decided that he didn't care for the Statistics professor and his State and Local Government course was cancelled, so he dropped those and added American History. Katie had lots of tears already over the math course, but it is mostly math fear than inability and it is a required course, so it stays despite the tears. She decided to drop the Child Development course, not because she didn't like it, but because she thought that because of the attention she needs to give to the math, she needed a lighter load and that was the course least needed. She is keeping the textbook, though, because she wants to read it in her spare time.
James is doing well despite the fact that there is more time when he is by himself. He is enjoying playing games lately.
Alex has had to go with Steven a few times simply because everyone was out of the house, and there was no one home to watch him. He has behaved well, though, so it hasn't been a problem, and it seems like he enjoys getting out of the house. This is somewhat new, because, in the past, he would get upset if we took him somewhere and he wasn't able to do anything in particular but wait for other family members.
Eddie is now out of the hospital and he and Hope came over for dinner and a game night this week. It was, as always, fun.
Since it is the year of the Fire Rooster, we had lots of Roosters as decoration. Katie even made an origami one.
We celebrated Chinese New Year with a Chinese Dinner, of course! I was thankful that we could get it from our local Chinese restaurant so that I did not have to cook all those dishes. After dinner, Sam ran an Oriental Adventures role-playing module.

We celebrated Hope's birthday with dinner out for 8 at Cracker Barrel.

As far as the weekly routines, Quentin and Sam are enjoying their respective fencing classes and they enjoy fencing each other when their classes overlap.

photo source
French Grip on the left, Pistol Grip on the right.
Quentin is now able to use his own sword that he got for Christmas. It has a pistol grip rather than the French grip he is used to, so it hurt his hand a bit, but he likes the way it is easier to maneuver. I am sure his hand will get used to it in no time.

Sam had his first bout with someone other than an instructor.

There are also regular voice lessons. Quentin is working on two songs from Oliver and a song from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.
I am getting monthly Lupron shots at the Graham Cancer Center, Newark, Delaware.

Midas getting almost buried while clothes were sorted before folding.

I think that about sums up our month of January. 
How was your month?


  1. Lovely week! I love Alex's art :)

  2. Our week was good, what song is he doing from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown?


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