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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, November 2016

 November 4-10, 2016

We went to First Friday Roller Skating while I went to Produce Junction, a wholesale produce market.
We celebrated my 55th birthday with friends and family.
Sam made me a German chocolate birthday cake, the first cake he has ever made by himself.
We picked the pineapple from my pineapple plant. It was so sweet and delicious.
Sam and Katie seem to still be doing well in college. Here is one of Katie's art projects for her Painting I class.
She really enjoyed her DNA lab in Biology class this week.
I went for my first Lupron shot. We had hoped to get the shot early in the morning and get back in time to get Sam to his college class, but getting the shot took a lot longer than expected and so Sam had to miss his class. This photo is the scene from the window of the waiting room.
Sorry this is blurry, but I thought it was fun enough to include anyway. It was posted on the door of Quentin's fencing academy.

 November 11-17, 2016
Winterish weather has come and "my" tree has lost all of its leaves. I won't be posting another picture of it until snow. :)

Quentin had his first Fencing Team Tournament and his team took first place! He loved his team and had a ball. He was smiling the whole time.

James went to his MTG club, and you can see from the expression on his face why there were no more pictures taken. It happens when they become teens.

Quentin and James also played some games while at the Pre-Thanksgiving Buffet at the college.

The kids liked the college's menu so much, they want the same one for our Thanksgiving.
November 18-24, 2016
And so, our menu looked a lot like the college's Pre-Thanksgiving menu.

Turkey (of course) with gfcf stuffing
Cornbread stuffing in crockpot
Gfcf gravy
Cream of Brussels Sprouts Soup
Cranberry-Orange Relish
Mashed potatoes in crockpot
Sweet Potato Casserole in crockpot
Ambrosia Salad
Collard Greens with Bacon and Ham hocks
Sausage with sauerkraut and peppers
Buttered rolls
Corn with red sweet peppers
Deviled Eggs
Fried Apples

Molasses Gingerbread Pie
Chocolate Pecan Pie (regular + gfcf)
Pumpkin Pie
Cherry Crumb Pie
Nut Roll

And so we put to use the crockpots that Hope gave me as an early Christmas present.
 November 25 - December 8, 2016
Since Thanksgiving have been quite busy as the semester comes to a close.
Still Life with Book, Mask, Camera and Fruit by Katie
Final projects were due. Medical appointments were kept. Final Exams were taken.

Lots and lots of Fencing was done. 
MTG was played. Christmas shopping was done (although there is more to do, and I haven't begun to wrap yet.)

Despite all the busyness, I have tried to make sure that we take the time to contemplate the simple things in life. One day this week we noted that the roses were budding and blooming despite the fact that it is December. I noticed this bud just on the ground in front of my path one day at the college. I thought it was interesting that it was the same color as the snowflake top Katie decided to wear that day.

I also just noticed this sketch in one of Katie's notebooks one day and fell in love with it.

Origami poinsettias Katie made to give out to people at college.
Sam's grades for the semester were two A's (English and Political Science) and two B's (Algebra and Macroeconomics), and Katie's grades were one A (Painting), one B (English) and one C (Biology). We were very pleased with their first semester.
I hope that this gives encouragement and hope to any of you out there with students with special needs. Katie was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Global Language Disorder {now called Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder (DSM-IV 315.32)} in second grade. Sam has dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD as well as other medical issues.

How was your month?


  1. Love the note - I wish we all could just stab each other with proper equipment and work out our differences :) Happy birthday!!!

  2. The note is great! I am glad everything is going well in your world.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a truly special day!

  4. Happy late Birthday, Phyllis! I can only imagine how delicious a fresh picked pine apple must taste! I'm gonna have to check out why you're taking a lupron shot. When Bethany was 6 they wanted her to take a Lupron Depo because they thought she was going to go through puberty too early. We declined and puberty didn't get messy until she was 12 anyway!

    1. I am having the Lupron shot to put me solidly in menopause so we can switch cancer medications to one that only works if you are in menopause.


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