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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary: October 2016

September 30-October 6, 2016

It is really beginning to look and feel like fall,
 with crisp mornings that mellow in the afternoon by the warmth of the sun.
Each week our tree has less and less leaves.
photo by Quentin
These days I see a lot of this as I drive... 
my oldest two to college (three times a week)... 
and my youngest to fencing (twice a week), both an hour from my house. On Tuesdays I drive through four counties!
Katie's drapery painting;assignment from Painting I class.
Sam and Katie, after getting through a few bumps in the road, have adjusted to being college students.

James and Quentin are doing their school work either at the college with me, or home on their own.
October 7-13, 2016
Compare my tree to last week's picture.
We took a tree study nature walk at the college...
which is very easy to do at the college with all of the plaques. We snapped photos of the tree, bark, leaves and tag and scanned the plaques for more information.

Katie completed her mid-term project for her painting class.

You can see how high the water usually is by looking at the darker and lighter sections of the pier.
Because of strong winds, the beach had the lowest tide we had ever seen, revealing things we don't normally see.
October 14-20, 2016
This week began with a birthday celebration for Eddie, who turned 20. Instead of going out, he just wanted to have Shepard's Pie and Corn Pudding at our house!

Quentin went each week to voice lesson and fencing lessons.

Quentin is in the gray shirt, in the back on the left.

October 21-27, 2016

This week started out with an appointment for me to find out about the test results for uterine cancer and it was a time to celebrate indeed as they all came back negative. Steven and I celebrated the good news with a lunch at Olive Garden, just the two of us.
 I just love Katie's fall painting. I am going to hang it in the dining room and it will be really special there for Thanksgiving.

I was also delighted to find this sketch in Quentin's notebook which he did after school work one day.

October 28- November 3. 2016

Katie volunteered at a Homeless Shelter

We prepared for Halloween.

We had a Halloween Party, 
Menu: Monster Meatloaf, Pumpkin stuffed peppers (not pictured), bones bread-sticks,spider deviled eggs, ghost and pumpkins salad, monster cupcakes and apple cider floats.
complete with scary (and yummy) food, 
games such as Werewolf and Passing Body Parts game (they loved the warm peeled tomato for a heart), bobbing for apples, 
donuts on a string and carving pumpkins.

A witch and a mad scientist went to college on Halloween.
Three Vampires and a Mad Scientist went Trick or Treating.
How was your month?


  1. I love that glorious tree at the top there. Looks like autumn is beautiful in your part of the world. I'm glad to hear everyone's settling into the new routine. I drive a lot too. Thank goodness for audiobooks!

  2. You'll have to tell Katie that until I read the caption I was wondering why you had a picture of draped cloth on your post.
    I've felt like I was driving everywhere this week too, though not as much as you.

  3. Oh my goodness! You do a lot of driving. I'm glad that college bumps are getting worked out. It is such an adjustment isn't it?


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