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July 15-21, 2016, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, days 166-170

July 15-21, 2016

days 160-164
Our days are so busy and our weeks so filled that they buzz by at an incredible rate. It seems as if our weeks are only about three days! We have gotten into a new rhythm. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I take Katie to her college class and James comes along and we do our school work in the cafeteria while we wait. We are continuing our Shakespeare studies, his work on both of the papers he is writing.

This week Sam came along so he could apply to the college as well. He went for the admission testing and did quite well. He is hoping to start next month with Katie. Since he applied so late, however, he might not be able to attend until spring. We shall see. 

On Mondays and Wednesdays Steven takes Quentin to acting camp and picks him up. We all arrive home at about the same time.
The rest of the week, I take and pick up Quentin, and Sam drives me so he can get in some more driving practice. He is striving to get his provisional licence before the fall as well.
The highlight of the week for Quentin is his fencing lesson. This week he learned to parry and repost in the sixth postion. In a parry, the fencer is to prevent the opponent's attack, in this case by knocking the sword away and the repost is an attack back.
I have yet to parry Neuvieme    French names of Fencing parries:
How was your week?


  1. Awesome! I am glad your son is enjoying fencing.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm sure you have probably posted it in the past, but what is Katie studying at college? And Sam? I'm always interested to hear what happens to home schooled children once they have finished their official education. Oh, and I so know what you mean by a three day week!

    1. Katie is studying Fine Arts with an emphasis on art. She is also interested in science, so she will be taking a fair measure of those classes as well. Sam is intetested in Political Science and is taking a general course of study so that he can transfer to a four-year college once he gets his AA degree.

  3. Good luck to both Katie and Sam! Hopefully he can still attend in fall!

  4. It IS going quickly, isn't it?? On Sundays I always feel like I have a long and lazy week ahead but before you know it, it is Thursday or Friday. Looks like there's plenty to keep yours busy!

  5. I totally agree on three day weeks, and the days just FLY by and you're suddenly wondering where the time went.

  6. I hope they let Sam in for fall - it would be great for them to be at the studies together.


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