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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

March 11-17, 2016, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, days 90-94

March 11-17, 2016
Mermaid made of driftwood protects the Sunrise Garden's waterfall.
Brenda and I visited the Sunrise Garden...
We made Asian steamed dumplings in the steamer I gave her for Christmas...

We celebrated Brenda's birthday with a Spring Banana Pudding.
We also celebrated Midas' first birthday. Hope game him this duck toy, which he utterly destroyed. It means he really liked it.
Our roof is finally complete. The shingles are green, but it is hard to tell that in the photo. They have also repaired a spot of the hardwood floor that needed repair. They are going to install a new furnace next.
We began session 4 of our co-op. They are taking drama, which is rehearsal of our play and James is taking a STEM Engineering class. The first class was to work in a small group and design a working roller coaster out of pool noodles, using a marble as the passenger car. They had to use what they learned about physics to design their coaster and to change any part of their design that did not work.
I will be posting more about the lesson plans on this soon, as we are briefly switching to some physics lessons.
We learned about Medieval Ireland and celebrated Saint Patrick's Day.

Quentin has my phone as he is in Gettysburg, PA with Hope and her family.

Medieval Ireland 
  • Read the section on Medieval Ireland from The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History. Make notes of key words as you read. Write a few sentences about what you have learned in your history notebook. Another option is to use the Medieval History Portfolio, Homeschool Journey.
  • Read about Saint Patrick and record what you have learned in your history notebook.
  • Color an appropriate map such as the one with History Odyssey, Pandia Press, Level 2 (5th-8th grade).
  • Include appropriate dates on your timeline.
We also completed our usual Latin, Bible, English and Math work, but there is nothing photo worthy in those studies. :)

How was your week?
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  1. Yeah for a new roof! Your sweet dog is adorable. Our dog really loves his toys to destruction too.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. We do love our Midas! And yes, a new roof is reason to celebrate!

  2. I need to go back with my kids for the pool noodle roller coaster. We did that once, but it's been several years.
    How do you like the Asian steamer? I've always thought it looked cool.

    1. I am going to be posting a roller coaster science/math series soon. Perhaps you will like that?
      We enjoyed making the steamed dumplings and they were easier to do than I feared, but I am not sure how often I would get it out to use it. You know what I mean?

  3. Roller coasters look fun! We did one too, but I felt that daughter was too young for real math/physics behind them yet. Can't wait for your series!

  4. The Sunrise Garden and steamed dumplings look awesome! Your coop sounds pretty awesome, too! I'm sure it must feel very good to have a new roof over your heads and getting all those home improvement jobs done! Have a great Easter!


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