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September 25-October 1, 2015, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, Days 14-20

September 25-October 1, 2015
This week Quentin went with our friends Hope and Eddie (and Thomas) to Gettysburg, while the rest of us stayed home.
days 14-20
Day 14
Quentin at Gettysburg
My  history-loving boy (especially the Civil War) loved being at Gettysburg. On their first day there, they toured cemetaries, saw some monuments and took a tour of the Jennie Wade house. At home James and I worked on Algebra. Sam worked on math, English and Japanese all week. In math he is working on Powers and Exponents (Teaching Textbooks, Algebra II.)

Day 15
Quentin at Gettysburg
In Gettysburg, they toured many monuments and saw the locations of the Battle of Little Round Top and Devil's Den.

 Day 16
Quentin at Gettysburg
This was Living History Weekend at Gettysburg so they saw volunteer groups representing Union and Confederate troops which hosted a camp and program during the day and in the evening they took a ghost tour.

Day 17
Quentin coming home from Gettysburg
As Quentin made his way back home, James and I worked on English (oa, oe, spellings of long o sound, article usage) from The Logic of English and cursive handwriting. 
As soon as Quentin got home, Steven, James and I had to head to duPont Children's hospital for therapy. 
We read about Nicholas of Cusa.

Our feast of Michaelmas.
Day 18
Feast of Michaelmas
We celebrated the feast of Michaelmas, and learned a lot about Medieval history in the process. First of all, because the Feast of the Archangels falls at the end of September, it was traditionally associated with the end of the harvest season. It falls near the autumn equinox and also marks a medieval festival when harvest was finished and farmers paid rent to the landowners, often offering geese as part of the exchange. So then, the Michaelmas goose itself became associated with paying off debts, and according to folklore eating one on the day would bring financial luck for the coming year. It was also the time (at least in Ireland) when the fishing season ended, the hunting season began, and apples were harvested. Apples, then, were also often eaten. It is also said that when Michael and the other archangels cast the fallen angels from Heaven, Lucifer, on his way into Hell fell through the thorns of a blackberry bush and cursed its fruit. The medieval English said then, that blackberries were no good to eat after the triumph of the archangels (Sept 29) and that all blackberries should be finished up on that day. So, armed with all of this knowledge, we went about making our feast for Michaelmas, a traditional goose (sorry no goose available, so chicken had to do), Apple and Cheese Frittata (for my dear vegetarian husband) and Blackberry salad.
We read about the Incan enconomy and 
We also made preparations for co-op by making some red cabbage pH indicator.  We read about Prince Henry and Chapter 5 of The King's Fifth.

labs at CSI Class
Day 19
Co-op Science and Drama
We went to our co-op and had our CSI class (post about it for Science Sunday) and our Drama class.
 Murder at the Banquet, Drama Class
This was also Katie's birthday, so we had two little celebrations with cupcakes and singing "Happy Birthday"-one at the co-op and one at home.
We also read about the beginnings of slavery from Africa to Europe, about Incan warfare and chapter 6 of The King's Fifth.

Day 20
Alex completed another postcard art project, this time featuring the Super Blood Moon. Quentin completed his English work (oa, oe, spellings of long o sound, article usage), and James worked on algebra (Undoing Multiplication and Division). We read about Africa and the Africans in the 1400's and about the Incan religion.
We also read chapter 7 of The King's Fifth.

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  1. I need to make it out East to show the kids all the cool Civil War battlefields.... Maybe next year.

  2. We went to Gettysburg about 20 years ago! We toured the Jenny Wade home, too! On the way home in the car, all the boys were pretending to be famous generals. Nate who was about 5 wanted to be Robert Ewee! Even Rachel who was about 3 wanted to get in on the act and be Jenny Wade! You really educated us on Michaelmas and as always, I love Alex's painting! I wish I could get Bethany interested in producing artwork like that!

  3. What an awesome week. You all got loads done. Happy Birthday Katie. How is Eddie doing?
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Happy birthday to Kate! It is lovely to see her joining in the homeschool drama group.

  5. What a fantastic learning opportunity! And apple and cheese frittata sound soooo good!

  6. Is that beagle wearing a plastic cup in one of the photos? Inquiring minds looking over my shoulder would like to know.

    Seconding Branson on the apple and cheese frittata sounding good-is the recipe on your other site? If so I know what I'm making for lunch tomorrow! Happy belated birthday to your daughter, and I hope that this week is slightly less busy for you. :)

    1. It is actually one of those cardboard crowns you get at Burger King. The recipe for the Apple and Cheddar Frittata is here...http://itsonthemenubergblog.blogspot.com/2014/10/apple-cheddar-frittata.html

  7. Yowzer! I'm so behind on reading blogs! What a packed post. Okay, so Quentin's trip? So awesome and it makes me Jo's jealous ;) I've always wanted to go there!

    Happy birthday to your sweet daughter!!

    And all the other good stuff? So cool!

  8. Happy birthday, Katie! That blood moon painting...AWESOME! What a great opportunity to go to Gettysburg! Our country's historical spots offer so much learning!

  9. Happy belated birthday to Katie!


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