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Saint Francis DeSales

Memorial Day: My Summer Bucket List 2015: Family Summer Fun with Teens and Tweens

  1. Have a 11th birthday party for Quentin.
  2. Have an 18th birthday party for Sam.
  3. Go camping at Cape Henlopen.
  4. Fall asleep in a hammock.
  5. Make frozen hot chocolate.
  6. Decorate walking sticks.
  7. Have a dinner party outside.
  8. Eat Maryland Blue Crabs.
  9. Sleep overnight on the trampoline.
  10. Eat lots of watermelon.
  11. Decorate summer flip-flops.
  12. Have a picnic.
  13. Make monster bubbles.
  14. Make a miniature pond in a pot or half-barrel.
  15. Collect shells at the beach.
  16. Start a new tradition.
  17. Take pictures at a photo-booth with my family.
  18. Watch the sun set or sun rise at the beach.
  19. Tie messages on balloons and let them go.
  20. Make some kind of new refreshing summer drink.
  21. Go for a paddleboat ride.
  22. Pick fruit.
  23. Make a craft using shells.
  24. Have game days/nights with friends.
  25. Go kayaking.
  26. Fly a kite.
  27. Attend theatre.
  28. Make gifts at a Christmas in July party.
  29. Celebrate the first day of summer.
  30. Have a 14 1/2 birthday party for James.
  31. Have a 21st birthday party for Alex.
  32. Have a cake decorating party.
  33. Have a cookie creation party.
  34. Go to a zoo.
  35. Do pendulum painting.
  36. Make an ice cream cake.
  37. Go to an amusement park.
  38. Play with balloons.
  39. Go bowling.
  40. Try a new dessert recipe.
  41. Go roller skating.
  42. Make aqua sand.
  43. Go swimming.
  44. Celebrate the 4th of July.
  45. Make stamps for letterboxing.
  46. Go get ice cream cones.
  47. Go letterboxing.
  48. Have an ice cream sundae bar.
  49. Make a summer craft like plaster flowers or lavender wands.
  50. Make candles.
  51. Play at the Park with friends.
  52. Fly in an airplane.
  53. Make and float boats.
  54. Go to Family Field days.
  55. Go to a Bastille day party at Pat's.
  56. Make something with macrame.
  57. Make a hovercraft.
  58. Make a screenprinting project.
  59. Go to theater camp and be in a play.
  60. Make a terrarium.
  61. Play pong battleship.
  62. Go to a neighborhood celebration.
  63. Make and play with Fondant or Marzipan.
  64. Make a lamp.
  65. Have a progressive dinner.
  66. Go on a nature walk.
  67. Go shopping with friends.
  68. Go to Red Robin with friends.
  69. Get 1/2 price shakes at Sonic.
  70. Make a Green man.
  71. Do a Chopped competition.
  72. Get a dog.
  73. Go to a game shop with friends.
  74. Spend time with my BFF.
  75. Game night at home.
  76. Cook a meal together.
  77. Movie and Popco at home.
  78. Go to World War II games at Fort Miles.
  79. Go to a coffee shop with a deck of cards.
  80. Go to a restaurant just for desserts.
  81. Go to a waterpark.
  82. Have a Magic the Gathering party.
  83. Have a beach party with sandcastle sandwiches.
  84. Make a summer music playlist.
  85. Go tubing.
  86. Tie-dye T-shirts.
  87. Go to a baseball game.
  88. Go to a Renaissance Faire.
  89. Go swimming at night.
  90. Go to the Farmer's Market.
  91. Ride bikes on a trail.
  92. Make sandcastles.
  93. Practice Tai Chi at the beach.
  94. Catch fireflies.
  95. Go to a Pirate festival.
  96. Make a treasure hunt.
  97. Paint with Acrylics outside.
  98. Go to a historical museum or site.
  99. Go camping in a different state.
  100. Go out to lunch with friends.
  101. Have a Medieval feast.
  102. Make "tie-dyed" candy.


  1. Our summer is just business as usual right now- I think I'm going to follow your lead and make a list of a some fun activities. It might help get this party started. :)

  2. What a fun summer list. I love the idea of a progressive dinner. I think I will have to steal that one. My kids want to play Chopped again.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Reading your list reminds me my daughter wants to sleep outside in a tent........


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