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Picture Smart Bible Curriculum, A Review

For years I have been looking for a Bible curriculum that we really liked and that would carry us for some time. I finally found a Bible curriculum that I absolutely love: The Picture Smart Bible Curriculum is all that I was looking for and more! 

Ease of Use The curriculum is so easy to use, I can just pick it up and begin. I don't need any special materials except something for them to color with (one of my boys likes colored pencils, the other crayons), and copies of the pages you are using. The scripted teacher's guide tells me exactly when to read, what to point out and what to get them to draw, color or write. They have a master drawing you can refer to in order to see where you are going, and the script contains little progressive drawings to show what the student's work should look like at each step of the way. All the prep work is done for you. We just sit down, read a section of the Bible and then I read the scripted directions and they follow them, creating a beautiful set of notes in drawing form.

It Can Be Used Even If Your Child Thinks He Can't Draw The student sheets have very light lines to indicate where the drawings or writing should go in order to finish the page just like the master drawing. It has taken any drawing anxiety from my children and they can produce a beautiful page. It is great for young kids or special needs students as well as it doesn't require a lot of reading or writing.

It Works! I find that once we are done a section, I can let them have their completed sheets and they can do a narration of a whole book of the Bible including all the important details. I have found that they remember the information better that prior to the program even without the pages in their hands.

A Good Investment This program might be a bit of an expensive investment, but we are doing this at a slow pace as we are doing a thorough study and it will last us for years. If you purchase the curriculum, the CD includes their complete curriculum of over 600 pages! If you would like to see for yourself, Picture This! Ministries offers a free sample lesson on their website.

Disclaimer: I received this product free through the company owner in exchange for my candid review. A positive review was not required, nor did I receive any further compensation. All opinions expressed are mine. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.

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  1. I bought this curriculum a few years ago and it was definitely a good investment.


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