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Introducing: LEGO Challenges and Challenge #1: Two Dimensional Design

Last year I introduced to All Things Beautiful a year's worth of Lego challenges beginning with this one, a Two Dimensional Design.

Two Dimensional Design
This weeks challenge is to create a Two dimensional design.

Two dimensional is having only the dimensions of height and width, like a square. Three dimensions is having height, width and depth, like a cube.

This can be almost anything. It can be a representation of an object, a piece of artwork, either realistic, or abstract, a mosaic, a picture of something you like...anything you want, as long as it is flat.

Pretend like you are drawing or painting or taking a photograph, but try to create it out of Legos!

Here are some examples from those who participated.
Top - Rafael (4) - an E
Bottom Left - Michaela (5) - a person.  (top is head w/ eyes and pink mouth, plus body)
Bottom Right - Mom (hey, I can do it too, right!?) - flowers, clouds, sun
from Homeschool is Where the Heart is
 I gave Capt. N the added challenge that whatever he made had to do with something we were studying in school. He knew right away that he wanted to make a lego version of our skeleton guy.
from Ridgetop Ramblings 2

Robbie loved the idea of Lego Challenges and ran off to build "scenes", as he called them. This was a great opportunity to discuss 2-D vs. 3D. 

Robbie is a five-year-old Lego addict. Here are the three scenes he made (described in his own words).

"Luigi is trying to get all of the colorful coins, but the cloud is in his way." 

"Bowser from Super Mario 64."
"Mario jumping over the fire Bowser is breathing." 
This activity is now closed, but feel free to use the weekly challenges as inspiration.

source: Inspired by Sam's Lego Quest, (which is no longer active)


  1. Oh, Robbie is so excited to participate! Thank you for this!

  2. How cool! I think we're going to have to wait until Lego Challenge #3 though! LOL We're heading out for a week tomorrow (if the snow lets us)

    1. The nice thing about it is that you can go back and link up any time you want to.

  3. Oh, excellent!! I can't wait to show Sarah and see if she will play along!

  4. Nice idea! DJ is all for this challenge.

    Thank you!!

  5. What a fun challenge idea! I'll admit I suck at getting challenges done, but I can keep my fingers crossed that I do.

  6. Anonymous15.2.13

    Oh, T11 could hug you! He is going to LOVE this, what a great idea!

  7. Wonderful! We will be participating and I'll pin it to get the word out!

  8. I love this idea!!!!!!! My 8 year old will love it too. If I manage to write a post, I will link up!

  9. We've been doing lego quest on the weekends, can't wait to join you on yours!

  10. This is a great idea. I am going to give Anna this challenge and see what she comes up with!

  11. So fun, thank you!

  12. Stan the man created a 2 dimensional guitar ;)


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