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September 12-18, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 3

September 12-18
What did we do this week?
It has been a busy week for us. I had a doctor's appointment, James has an orthodontist appointment and...
photo by Denise Toth

we went bowling with friends.

photo by Denise Toth

The boys went up in an airplane with the Young Eagles program at Massey Airpark.
It was Sam's last time in the program.

Week 3

English (The Logic of English)

Phonograms: ck, ee, ng, th
Short and Long Vowels
Spelling Rule: ck is used only after a single vowel which says its short (first) sound
Grammar: Adjectives

Math (Learn Math Fast)

Subtracting Double Digit Numbers
Equivalent Fractions

Science (Exploring Chemistry and Physics)

We are working on some models made with floral wire and beads to show the parts of an atom, orbitals and how covalent and ionic bonding work. (Post coming soon.)

Bible: The Picture Smart Bible

We have been working through Genesis using the Picture Smart Bible curriculum. So far the boys are liking it.
History: Ancient History: The Celts
This week we looked at the Ancient Celts' houses and household items.

World Geography and Culture (World Food Cafe): Egypt and the Levant

We have studied Egypt before, so we briefly went over the similarities and differences between this area and Morocco, which we studied last week.
We also tried another Moroccan dish, Quarzazate Couscous, which went over very well with those that would eat it. Sam, Alex and Quentin, seeing all the vegetables that went into it, refused to try it, which proves that preferences do not always have to do with exposure. :)

Co-op: Leadership/Team-building and Art (Drawing)

 In team-building class, they broke into pairs. One in each pair built something with blocks and had to describe to his partner how to make the identical project, without either partner seeing what the other is doing.
 Next, different pairs had to work together to build the tallest structure they could using 1 yard of tape, one yard of yarn, 20 spaghetti noodles and 1 marshmallow. 

They were to measured by the bottom of the marshmallow to the floor, and the groups had a competition to see which group could build the tallest structure.

In drawing class we worked on shading spheres.

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  1. The team building activities sound like a lot fun - I'm tempted to try the tallest structure challenge myself :)

  2. As always a very full, varied and exciting week. Just so you know, I'm totally jealous of the plane rides!!

  3. The Young Eagles Program sounds like an amazing opportunity! The kids must love it!

  4. I totally am in love with the dishes you created! Great idea for bringing the world to your door. We also view Trip Reports of people travelling on youtube. The kids love it. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap up hop.

  5. I find that page from the Picture Smart Bible intriguing :-) I might have to go do a little research ;-) Looks like you guys had a great week. Seeing your bowling pictures reminded me that it's been ever so long since we bowled on anything but the wii.

  6. You all do so many fun and exciting things each week. I love the way you all learn.
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. How tall was the tallest building?

    1. I am not sure. I just popped in to take some pictures and I wasn't there when they were measured. The boys, being rather non-competitive, don't remember.

  8. You guys did some really cool things this week, Phyllis! Outside-the-books learning! I keep meaning to do country studies & food, but...I just can't see to fit it in or find the energy too! ;)

    1. It starts by my adding the recipes for the country of the week into my menu planning, and it goes from there.

  9. Whenever I read your wrap up posts I see so many things I want to comment on that when I get to the end I have to go back and read it all again! How very exciting that the boys got to ride in the aeroplane. I want to try that team-building game with the blocks. And I am looking forward to your post on chemical bonding. We once made Celtic roundhouses from plasticene and straw. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

  10. What a week! The plane rides? My favorite. Loads of activity here. Great job!


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