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Super Moon and Perseids Meteror Shower

The second and largest of three super moons rises today, Sunday August 10, and it also happens to be the beginning of the Perseids Meteor Shower. A super moon is when a full moon is at the closest point it will be to the earth appearing extra large and the Perseid Meteor Shower come around every year at about this time. Typically 60-100 meteors per hour can be seen but this year, because of the super moon, you will more likely see 15-20 meteors per hour, but still worth the effort!

The meteor shower peaks August 12-13. The best time to see the meteor shower is between 11PM and before dawn. View from a place with as little light pollution as possible.

For more ideas for studying Astronomy, Adventures in Mommydom has a post with a myriad of ideas.

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  1. For some reason I thought the super moon was tonight (Monday). Oh well, we'll be having a peek at the Perseid Meteor shower for sure.


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