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Summer Fun #79: Summer Table Decorations

Quentin made this cute summer table decoration using the directions found at Oh, Happy Day! 
She has a wonderful photo tutorial, and I can't top that, so if you want to make one yourself, hop on over there and get the directions.
However, just in case the link gets broken in the future, I will put the directions here for you. 
We used colored paper and white paper, two drink umbrellas, toothpicks, pencil, scissors and a hot glue gun.

To make the beach umbrella, pop open one of the drink umbrellas and cut out a wedge to use as a template. Trace onto the colored and white paper as many as there are spaces in the other drink umbrella, making the end where it comes to the edge a little longer and curved so that it will hang over the edge of the umbrella. Glue the pieces in place.
 For the beach chair, you will need two full length toothpicks and three half-sized toothpicks. Two of the small toothpicks and two of the full-length toothpicks form the frame of the beach chair. Using the glue gun, make two crosses, using one large toothpick and one half-sized toothpick. Glue those two together at the place where the small toothpicks join the large one by gluing another small toothpick at a right angle. Now, glue a small toothpick piece at the top and the bottom of the chair to form cross-pieces. Now cut out a piece of colored paper to match the size of the chair and cut out white pieces of paper and glue them on to form the stripes in the chair. Glue this into place in the chair.
 The beach blanket is made in the same way, just laying it flat instead of gluing it into the chair. Put some sand in a tray or platter, add your beach chair, umbrella and blanket. Add a scattering of tiny shells, and you have your summer table decoration.

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  1. Those are so cute! My kids would love making these (because hot glue gun, how fun is that?)


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