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Saint Francis DeSales

Summer Fun #77: Summer Banner

Part of the reason we call our family summer vacation, "Camp Bergenholtz" is because we started it long before "staycations" were popular, and so the mixture of small trips, crafts and other activities seemed more like camp than anything else. There is also a real feeling of camaraderie, and everyone makes a special effort to focus on us as a family. I have found that if we do a few activities before camp begins to encourage this camaraderie, it puts everyone in the mood.
With that in mind, I decided we should make a camp banner. I printed out letter outlines to spell "Camp Bergenholtz," which gave everyone, including my sister-in-law, Brenda, a letter or two to decorate as they wished.
 They each showed their individuality and yet they all look fantastic together, just as we are individuals but fantastic as a team.
I will hang a string along a wall and hang each of the letters with clothes pins to form the banner, which is transportable. 



  1. Your banners always turn out well, I'm seeming to remember an earlier one that just had the most amusing lettering.

  2. Love it. And for the one who drew the stick figures on the letter A, those are great! They remind me of little army men :)

    1. That was me! It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, so I am glad you liked it!


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