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Summer Fun #74:Summer Vacation Countdown

Every year for the past seven or so years we have had what we call Camp Bergenholtz. Some would say it is a staycation, some would call it just a summer vacation, but it is a mixture of trips, crafts and other activities to celebrate our being a family together.
We are so excited this year and so to make the waiting a little easier, every day until the day we leave, we will be doing some "countdown to Camp Bergenholtz" activities.
To mark the days until camp begins, we made a paper chain with one link for every day until Camp begins.
We decorated the links with pictures that remind us of summer vacation at the beach because two stops of Camp Bergenholtz are at the beach. Not all of it is at the beach, so we added some other summer symbols, like butterflies.

So, if you would like to make a countdown to a trip, to summer vacation in general, or some other special event, you need to grab some some construction, cardstock or scrapbooking paper of the appropriate colors. If you are going to the beach, grab a bunch of construction paper, in beach-like colors; blues for water, yellows and tans for the sand. If you are going on a mountain hike, you might want to choose browns and greens -whatever colors suit your destination. Cut strips of paper to create the amount of chain links as you have days to wait.

I typed up a list of activities that we would do each day of our wait and glued one activity to each link paper. You can do that, too, if you wish, or leave them blank on the inside.

I Googled up some coloring pages to fit the scene...some seashells, sand-dollars and starfish. I added some butterflies for the green links. I got out whatever art supplies I could find and considering I haven't bought new school supplies in a long time, there wasn't a whole lot; some paint, some oil pastels and colored pencils.

Staple or tape, or glue each link together, making sure to keep the written part, if you have any, on the inside of the link.  Attach each of your colored decorations to the links.

Now, you can hang it up over a hook. Each day, just move the next link to over the hook and look to see what the activity of the day is, or just be able to see how many days are left.



  1. I love your camp countdown. I always love the idea of countdowns, but somewhere along the way we get distracted and don't finish off our count down.


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