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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, The August Break, August 1-7: Our Not-Back-to-School Break

August 1-7
The month of August is our vacation break. We have been having some summer fun and preparing for our staycation, "Camp Bergenholtz" the last two weeks of this month.

and a banner for our Camp, everyone contributing their unique perspectives...

We made Summer Watermelon Treat Packets for our stay with my sister-in-law...

We went bowling with friends.

We enjoyed Betterton Day, a yearly tradition...
 and visited Grandma at the Rehabilitation Center.
 We have been enjoying the fruits of Katie's labors in the garden. (Yes, this zucchini was hiding cleverly under some large leaves and we didn't see it until it got that size.)

And we have just been enjoying relaxing and having a break.
sunday of summer
source: Nesting Place

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  1. You're making me wish we'd started school later :-D So glad you are enjoying your summer. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

  2. I love your summer banner and countdown.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I love the beautiful smiles on Alex's and Quentin's face! Looks like Katie's garden is very productive. Keep enjoying camp!

    1. Oh, we haven't even gotten to the real camp yet...this is just the pre-camp!

  4. I really can't wait to see what all you come up with for your camp this year - reading about your camp has become one of my summer traditions :)

  5. Oh wow, that's a huge zucchini! The one time I had a semi-successful garden I ended up with a cucumber that size. I think it was one of the few things I grew that year.

  6. The family camping idea is class! I am definitely going to ponder on how we might be able to do something similar next year. I can't wait to find out how you actually do it - I hope you're going to give lots of detail so I can copy next year!!


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