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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Our Homeschool Weekly Report, Summer Learning, week 4, July 18-24

July 18-24

We celebrated Alex's 20th birthday with a simple cake, presents and sparklers, which he loves. (His birthday was really last Thursday, but we were on a field trip that day, so we decided to wait until the weekend to celebrate.)
They all enjoyed playing with Alex's new pool toys.
We went on a great field trip to Amazon.com Fulfillment Center in Middletown, Delaware. They don't let you take photos inside the facility, but we got a group photo out front.
We went swimming with friends at a nearby community pool.
Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Kale Salad with walnuts, dried cranberries and goat cheese

We have been enjoying new healthy recipes.
Our Homeschool group's yearbook from last year came in this week, and here is a sampling of the photos that were included. It was a great year and I am looking forward to more fun this coming year.
week 4
We have been so busy, we haven't gotten much school work done, but, hey, after all, it is summer.


We put some rocks in our rock tumbler I inherited from my brother. I should have taken a picture of them before we put them in, because the difference was so dramatic. They all looked like dull brown driveway gravel when we put them in and now, look at them! We put them back in for the medium grit grind, which smooths down the small grooves.

Botany: The Pea Family

This week we reviewed the Pea family in our botany studies, which is characterized by its irregularly shaped flower containing five petals: a banner, two wings and a keel (which is comprised of two petals that look like one). We also looked at the differences between Monocots and Dicots, a major division of flowering plants.


Summer Constellations: Cygnus

This week we found Cygnus, which wasn't too difficult to find since we have been practicing finding the Summer Triangle and this constellation forms the left hand corner of the triangle. 

Latin Roots

The Latin roots we learned this week were Inter which means between, Ars, Artis which means art or skill, Vivo, Victum which means live, Magnus which means large or big and Demos which means people.


  1. I'm going through my posts backwards, so I'm reading today's post, and I'm going back to the others.

    Happy birthday Alex! I hope you had a great day, it sure looks like you did.

    What rock tumbler do you have? I remember having one as a kid and having to almost break it to get the rocks out after the first round. That and the noise from the thing driving my whole family crazy. But, I know Batman would love a rock tumbler.

  2. Happy birthday, Alex! Wishing you abundant blessings in this next year :)

    Very cool field trip! We have one in the dfw area.... You just gave me an idea for a new field trip!

  3. Happy Birthday Alex! What a great milestone. I would love to go on a field trip of Amazon.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Happy birthday Alex, I hope you got some wonderful gifts!
    The rock tumbler did a wonderful job. Ours was really naff and a complete waste of money.
    I'm glad you are all having such a wonderful summer!

  5. Happy birthday to Alex! He looks like he enjoyed his celebration! How neat that your homeschool group puts together a yearbook to share all the memories! Those rocks are beautiful! What a cool thing to be able to do!

  6. Hope your son had a wonderful birthday! :-) Those rocks were absolutely beautiful! You have inspired me to bring out the old tumbler again. The yearbook photos were wonderful-- looks like much fun happened last year and I am very impressed with how much you all are learning during the summer-- good for you! Hopefully, starting soon, I am going to be hosting a linkup for everyone's weekly wrap-up posts. I hope you'll be able to join us! :-) Have a great week! God bless, Lisa

  7. Happy birthday to Alex!

    I also find it totally cool that you visited an Amazon facility since I'm so addicted to Amazon shopping! LOL

  8. Happy Birthday Alex - those look like some fun pool toys!

  9. What a busy week! Happy Birthday Alex!


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