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Roman Mosaics

Do you ever hesitate to make hands-on projects to go with your history studies because you don't know what to do with them once they are made? Well, then this is a good project for you. We made these fun Roman mosaics, which can be used as drink coasters.
 You will need mosaic tiles, an old CD case and some tile adhesive or tile grout. I mixed in a little gold paint as well to color it, but you don't have to do that. Buy more tiles than you think you could possibly use because it takes a lot. We ran out of tiles, even though we had thought we had planned for enough.
 Have your student arrange the tiles on the table before putting them in the mosaic.  My students changed their minds several times before they decided on their final projects. Remind them to think about what themes might be in a Roman mosaic.
Once your student has taken some time to play with the arrangement of the tiles and is ready to place the tiles, spread a little of the grout/adhesive.
 He can then begin to place his tiles.

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