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Science Investigations that all students should do Before High School #13:The Floating Egg

#13:The Floating Egg
Fill a tall glass with a cup and a half of water.Place an egg in the glass.Add salt, one teaspoon at a time, testing the egg between each addition.The egg will begin to float,and eventually will float all the way to the top.
Saltwater is more dense than pure water.

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  1. I always love this experiment.

  2. Now this one is easy enough for me!

  3. Yes, this is classic. I call it a "Dead Sea Experiment" - we did it when we studied Israel. I think you just gave me an idea of a new take on it.

  4. Hi Phyllis! Just want you to know how inspiring you always are. I passed on the torch from an award to you...I think you may have received it before...at any rate, as I mentioned on my blog, I wish you were my home school mom!!


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