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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Our Homeschool Weekly Report, January 3-9: Christmas Vacation Over and School Begins Again, week 15

January 3-9

photo by Katie
 Like most of the country, we have had lots of snow and very cold temperatures this week.
photo by Katie
Our King Cake this year was not the traditional kind. We decided to make a Caramel Cheesecake. Can you see the plastic baby sticking out?
We follow the Twelve Days of Christmas, so until January 5, or Twelfth Night, we were on Christmas break.
For the gfcf members of the family, Katie made cupcakes and hid a plastic baby in one.
We had our annual Twelfth Night party and hid a plastic baby in the cakes. 

James was the King for this year's festivities.
The first one to find a baby is the King of the night's activities. 
We played games.
The King decides what we do when.
We did our traditional search for the pickle ornament. The one who found it, got a little prize. The prize, as usual, was a game we all then played.

The next day, January 6 is Epiphany. We always take down the tree and put away the ornaments on this day.

 The next day, we started school again after the long Christmas break. We are participating in a History and Geography Fair with our Homeschool Support Group, so we will be focusing on that until the end of January. 
 For our first day back to school, we did a science experiment as an introduction to Ancient Egypt's mummification process. We were searching for the perfect "natron," the salts that dried out the mummies. 
 We compared Table Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda and combinations of them.
I will tell you more about this experiment on Sunday with my Sunday Science Meme post. Yes, that is right. To celebrate the new year in a fun way, Tica from Adventures in Mommydom and I have decided to switch things up a bit. For the month of January, I will be hosting Ticia's linky, Science Sunday, and she will be hosting All Things Beautiful's History and Geography linky on Thursdays. I hope you enjoy the switch-up.
We also made Fruity Pharaohs... 
which will be mummifying for a month.


James worked on decimal fractions and Quentin worked on angles in geometry.

What else did we do this week?
 Quentin found this nest in his clubhouse.
Lots of pretend play and we have had lots of Family Game Nights.
 We had a large fire in our neighborhood.
 It was exciting for the boys to see.
 I am glad that no one was killed and there was only one injury -a broken ankle on a man who jumped out the second story window.
It makes me count my blessings.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Tell Katie we love her pictures. Just beautiful. Make sure you show us the "mummies" when they are mummified! Love your pickle search tradition :)
    And that fire! Oh my!

  2. I like your traditions about when to take down the tree. It's always bittersweet when Christmastime ends. How fun that you and Ticia switch - is it going to be a weekly linky then?

  3. Omg! I was reading about your lovely family nights and then saw the big fire! How scary! Glad everyone is okay.

  4. I told Ticia already, but I'll tell you too - I'm so glad your keeping the linkies going. I haven't been joining in lately, but I've been reading along, and they are soooo inspiring.

  5. Another great week!! So sorry about your neighbor's fire. That is always so frightening to me. I love the hiding the baby in the cake and the find the pickle. You do the most awesome things!! I also love the pictures Katie took. Gorgeous. We didn't have any snow, just below freezing temps. We have done the Mummification experiment, we used apples and it was very neat! Happy week Phyllis!! :)

  6. What a fire! That is amazing to see. That would leave a long impact on my children.
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. Oh wow, what a big fire. I'm glad everyone's okay, except for the ankle.

    We were going to celebrate Three Kings Day and Epiphany this year, but it didn't happen like I wanted to, sigh, I've just felt off this Christmas.

  8. I love the pink cupcakes. You always do such great projects - I love reading your wrap up reports!

  9. Thank you for all the ideas for how to celebrate the 12th day of Christmas! I hope I remember for next year. Oh wow that fire is crazy. Looks like it was a big building, too! Thank God everyone is okay!

  10. Oh my, what a horrible fire and so much destruction. I'm so glad that no one was hurt badly. I love how you stretch out holidays. You have so much to teach me. I've been lamenting that the Christmasy, holiday spirit goes too quickly.

  11. Love the mummified apple experiment. That really was a big fire. Great photos of it.
    Thanks for Linking up "This Week" at Great Peace Academy

  12. I love all your traditions - so many happy anticipations and memories! And fruity pharoahs - whoa! Plus, my littlest was fascinated by the fire photos - wow, what an impression I am sure that will always make with your family.

  13. I'm jealous of your snow and your king cake! But very sorry for whoever had their house burn down. What a terrible start to a new year for them. We've had lots of flooding here, with people flooded out of their homes over Christmas. Just horrible.

  14. Oh my word that fire is immense! What a blessing no-one was killed.

    I loved reading about your Christmas traditions. And I really like the sledging picture. As Claire said, no snow here, just lots of rain. We're hoping for snow before the winter's out, though!


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