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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, January 24-30, week 19: Around The World Night

January 24-30

Katie made this sign for the top of James' display.
We finally came down to the last week before our history and geography fair, Around the World Night, and so we spent the week with final preparations.


Preserving Apple Slices

Continuing our Apple Slice Preservation experiment, here are our apple slices two weeks later. The salt one seemed like the dried apple slices you get at the store...soft and pliable.

The baking soda was hard and dry, but had evidence of mold which had later dried.

 The Epsom Salt apple slice had even more mold.
We also noticed that the Epsom Salt's crystals had gotten larger.
 The Epsom salt and Baking soda apple slice was more dried out and better preserved than either substance alone, but was a bit brittle.

 We felt the winner was the salt and baking soda, which left the apple slice well preserved, but not brittle.

Canopic Jars

We have tried to make our own canopic jars in the past, without much success. It was a great learning experience for them to learn what the jars looked like, but we made them out of clay, which broke too easily, and caused heartache.
This time we decided to invest in Art in History's canopic jar projects. 
They come unpainted and give you advise on how to paint them.
 Layer by layer, 
they begin to transform...

 into realistic looking pieces.
 Even my 9-year old was able to make a great looking piece.
In making them, we all paid more attention to the details and there was much conversation about hieroglyphics, canopic jars, mummification and the changes that occurred throughout their various periods.

Khopesh and Shield

We made a khopesh, the Egyptian sword-ax hybrid from cardboard and foam-board using the template from Storm the Castle. He painted it with silver and brown acrylics.
We made the shield out of a sheet of foam-board painted with black acrylics, and Quentin made a handle from cloth ribbon and duct tape.

Death Mask

James made his Death Mask from paper-maching a plastic mask and some posterboard and then spray painting gold it when it was dry.

He added blue stripes with acrylic paint. The beard is made from a paper towel tube and the cobra is made from aluminum foil and some plastic gems for eyes.

Preparing for Around The World Night

 We made a scribe's box with our homemade papyrus.
We made an archaeology dig.

And then, finally the night came...

 Meet Howard Carter...
 and his table of treasures.

You could even try your hand and finding some treasure yourself.
 Meet King Tut...
and his family's treasures...
 and this is Alex's display on Northern Africa.

 The boys had fun going around and looking at the displays, too.
And for this night, the Egyptians and the Greeks were not at war.
Quentin was in the newspaper!

Hammurabi's Code
Sam worked on an essay on Hammurabi's Code. Hammurabi’s edicts provided varying degrees of punishment for different social classes. Sam's assignment was to write about whether Babylonian law was an ideology of true social justice and equality.


James worked on Decimal fractions and Quentin worked on simple fractions.

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  1. As usual your week rocks. I think Egypt may have been our favorite time period to study. So many fun hands on activities. I miss that Keilee is really not into 'hands on' so much anymore. Actually I think she would still like it if I planned more! I think the Canopic Jars are my favorite. Those turned out awesome!! We have made paper before and even paper bowls tha we still have! Happy weekend Phyllis.

  2. What great presentations! All that work certainly paid off - the Death Mask looks incredible!

  3. King Tut does not look happy at his presentation.

    Did you already write about making papyrus? I seem to of missed that, or not remember it offhand. Of course you have so many great projects, it's hard to keep up with them all.

    I'm so glad the canopic jars turned out great, now I want to get them. I almost chose them to try, but didn't end up choosing them. Now I kinda wish I had. I'm thinking of getting the Greek jars for our Greek study.

  4. What an awesome fair. You all did a great job! What wonderful learning you are always up too.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. I think this is my most favourite post EVER of yours. What enormous fun! And your Mr Carter looks very much like I would have imagined him to look. What a wonderful wrap up week!

  6. What a wonderful collection of activities. I know what you mean about paying more attention to details when you're making something. Such a great way of learning.

  7. I just love that your kids had a way to show off all those awesome projects you made! They are so neat!!

  8. I love the hands on projects. I love Mr. Carter's outfit.

  9. Wow! All your projects look so great! Your kids are really blessed to have a mom that puts so much love and effort into planning educational experiences for them!

  10. Oh Wow! What a super great, fun week!

  11. I love the mask, jars, reed boat and apple experiment. What a super set of projects.


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