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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Ancient Egypt: The Late Period {712-332 BC}

25-30th Dynasties

Canal construction from the Nile to the Red Sea began in the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty. During this time many Jews came to Egypt, fleeing the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonians (586 BCE). Jeremiah and other Jewish refugees arrived in Lower Egypt, although some refugees also settled  in Upper Egypt (see Jeremiah Chapters 43 and 44). Jeremiah mentions Pharaoh Hophra (otherwise known as Apries) in Jeremiah 44: 30 whose reign came to a violent end in 570 BCE.
A series of three pharaohs ruled from 380 BC until their final defeat in 343 BC led to the re-occupation by the Persians.

Preparing for The History Fair

For Quentin's table, we included many of the things we had made, and some samples of foods representing Egypt.
He also made a display of How To Make a Mummy with photos.

Katie made a decorative topper for the display.
 James also displayed things that he had made, some of his Playmobil Egyptians and some Egyptian foods.
 He added a lot of the pages from his history journal to his display board.
Katie made his topper for James' display -Egypt written in hieroglyphics.
Alex's display was on Northern Africa and he included pages from his geography journal, some Sweet Mint Tea and some of the food items from Egypt.
We also had an archaeology dig for the kids. Katie manned this for us.

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