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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, October 18-24, week 8

October 18-24
Week 8
We learned who were Allies and Enemies of the Mesopotamian world. We bean readinHittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson, which I love. It is set in the time of the Judges and covers many of the nations that were around the area at that time.
We read about the Israelites wandering in the deserts and their constant complaining. We read about Moses and the Ten Commandments. We also read about how Deborah led Israel and about Gideon. This fit in well with our reading of Hittite Warrior, making history a backdrop for the Bible's stories.

 We reviewed subjects of sentences, and taking sentences from their history text, I had them underline the complete subjects and then simple subjects, or the nouns, so that, in the end, the simple subjects were underlined twice and the complete subjects once. All thigrammar review is to make sure they are ready for beginning Latin this spring.
Sam is working through Classical Rhetoric, and reading Aristotle's Rhetoric and How to Read a Book; The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading by Mortimer J. Adler. 
In History, Sam completed map work of the Fertile Crescent.

Alex is working with triangles in geometry. Sam is working on powers and exponents. Quentin is working with addition and subtraction and James began what I call Postman Games, in order to introduce signed numbers.

Postman Games

This week we worked on addition of signed numbers, and began with problems to work out centering around a postman named Sam. Sam is a strange postman because sometimes after he has delivered the mail, he comes back and takes it away again. Sam only delivers two types of mail: checks and bills. The bills are when you owe someone money and checks are when you get money. I showed him how to write positive and negative numbers, and then we went over the cards I had made up on index cards cut in half about whether you were richer or poorer if you got each card. Then I began giving him two cards and he had to write them down as problems and solve them. For example, if Postman Sam gave you a check for $4 and then another check for $3, are you richer or poorer, and by how much. I gave him a grid to put the first problem in, and after that he could refer to it as needed. We then went over the four possibilities for addition of signed numbers in Postman Stories:

  1. The mail carrier brings a check for ___, then he brings another check for ____.
  2. The mail carrier brings a bill for ____ , then he brings another bill for ____.
  3. The mail carrier brings a check for ___, then he brings a bill for____.
  4. The mail carrier brings a bill for ____, then he brings a check for ____.

We also went over how they are written.

We began a new session at our co-op, and so in my Drama class, I held auditions for the various parts in scenes from three plays, which I plan to present to the parents in six weeks. We will be doing scenes from Macbeth,  The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever and A Christmas Carol. The kids seemed excited to get an actual script in their hands.
Also, Sam and James are continuing with their chalk pastels art class but...

Quentin has started a new nature study class.

In the Kitchen
sources and inspiration:

  • Mathematics, A Way of Thinking, Robert Baratta-Lorton
  • Postman Stories in Discovery in Mathematics, Robert Davis
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  1. Oh my that is a whole wealth of homeschool learning and so varied too.

  2. Wow... I always feel tired after reading about your week! ... and now I want cauliflower. :)

  3. I am always amazed and impressed how you successfully teach multiple ages at the same time. Postman game sounds like fun, I will try it here too.

  4. It's been a while since I have been over. I need to stop by more frequently as I love everything you fit in during your week.

  5. What a fun week. You all do so much. The drama class sounds like so much fun.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. I'm looking forward to hear how the 3 plays go! That's exciting and I do not know where you get the energy for it after teaching all you do to your own kids. The pictures are great and the food sounds delicious. I love cheesy cauliflower!

  7. The post office games look fun!

  8. I like the Postman Game - we usually use an elevator going up and down floors, above and below ground...an old Cyberchase idea, I think.

  9. Another great week. I love The Postman Game. Love the plays you are doing! We have just done little skits so far. That Cheesy Cauliflower looks yummy. Happy weekend Phyllis!!!!

  10. I love the Best/worst Christmas Pageant ever, it is such a great book!

  11. Looks like an amazing week!!! I'm sure you're going to do great with the pageant!! Ohh...and I have some cauliflower in my freezer maybe I should make the cheesey cauliflower to go with some chicken this week. I was making mashed cauli but the family wasn't really liking it!

  12. I love your maths games, and I'm pleased to see the drama class going well. And thank you for the reminder to make cauliflower cheese - a great autumn dish!

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  14. Brilliant week as always, and it is so varied. I would love for us to have such developed home school co-ops to go to. I imagine they make the variety so much greater because everyone pools their talents and gifts.

  15. Another awesome week at your house! I hope James is feeling better. I've been praying for him.

    1. Thank you. I knew that you would understand how helpless it make a parent feel.

  16. The co-op classes sound fun! So does the postman game:) We'll have to try it!


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