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Passover and Our Homeschool Weekly Report, October 11-17, week 7

October 11-17
This week we had a break week from our co-op, so we went to Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey. We went with friends, and that always makes it more fun. We could never get everybody together at the same time for a group picture, but we did get one of the younger students and our helper, Katie. We have been having fun learning about our Mexican Jumping beans that they boys bought. I had to snap a picture of my Quentin in his new tux. He is going to be Mr Hyde for Halloween, so we bought him a tuxedo for it and he loves it. He wants to wear it every day. 
Week 7
Our celebration of the Jewish feasts continues with the Passover. We read the portions on it in the Bible, and although they know the story well, they enjoyed watching Prince of Egypt. 
We used the lapbook style page from Remembering God's Chosen People by Susan Mortimer. It has all the items that are present in the Passover feast with little pages underneath that explain what the item is, what purpose it serves in the Passover meal and how Jesus fulfills the promise. I once went to a Passover feast given by Jews for Jesus and it was one of those life-changing moments. Every piece of the Seder has symbolism that points to Jesus.

The matzah from our Passover feast has much symbolism.

For example, the matzah bread's purpose for being in the feast is to represent the fact that the Israelites were told that when the Pharaoh would let them leave Egypt, they would have to leave in a hurry, so they made a flat bread without yeast to take with them. In the Seder ceremony, three squares of matzah are used and the middle piece is called the "afikomen." This piece is broken, wrapped and hidden so that after the meal children can look for it and the child who finds it is given a reward. 
Christians can easily find symbolism in these elements. Yeast is often referred to as sin in the Bible. The matzah, without yeast, shows the purity of Christ. The three pieces of matzah symbolize the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Remember that the middle piece is called the afikomen? Afikomen mean "He came." Just as matzah is pierced, broken and hidden in the Seder ceremony, so was Jesus as he died and was buried in a cave, and just as the matzah is hidden and found, Jesus rose from the dead and came again.

The timeline is color coded according to area (continent).
Indus Valley Civilization
We also learned about the civilization that grew up in the Indus Valley. They added it to their large timeline and completed notebook pages on it. How to present history is a hard decision. One way is to present them in the order they occur, but that leads to jumping around in terms of place. The other way, to present one area at a time, leads to confusion it terms of what happened when. I have my students complete sections according to place, but I have them add items, as we study them, to a large timeline so they can see what else was happening at the same time in other areas.

Adventure Aquarium
Camden, New Jersey
We really enjoyed this field trip. It reminded us of all we had studied about swimming creatures last year and the African Adventure section went along well with Alex's study of Africa. Adventure Aquarium has lots of touch tanks, so they were able to feel the textures of sharks, rays, starfish, coral, sea urchins, a sea cucumber. The tanks all had lots of different views and you could see the animals very well. Quentin was fascinated by the hippo's skin texture.

Other Things We Worked On This Week:

  • Multiplication: table, number line, finding factors (James)
  • Addition: table, number bonds (Quentin)
  • Geometry: Triangles (Alex)
  • Powers and Exponents (Sam)
  • Friendly Letters
  • Common and Proper Nouns
In the Kitchen
Meatball Sub recipe | Spoon Fork Bacon
photo source
This week we had meatball subs, which went over well and...
Mediterranean chicken with roasted vegetables
Mediterranean Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, which wasn't as popular.

We also had BBQ Beef Teriyaki strips which were good.

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  1. Nice week! Love your history lessons as always. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Another great week Phyllis. I love all the field trips you all go on. Quentin is stinking adorable in that tux!! I am about to take a look at your Africa studies. Keilee told me she wants to do a Unit Study on Africa. That is where she wants to work one day, with big animals. Mediterranean Chicken looks so yummy!!! Happy weekend!!

  3. I really like the way that the timeline is color coded by continent. Whenever we get around to world history (since we'll be in US history specifically for quite a while longer), I'll have that idea in the back of my head! LOL

    1. The color coding has helped them a lot to see how different things were developing in different areas.

  4. Ok, so I totally think the Mediterranean chicken looks delicious. What was not to like about it? Looks like you had a fantastic week! I love taking the kids on field trips :)

    1. Despite the fact that it had pesto on the chicken, the dish was not very flavorful. It looked like it would be, but it was pretty bland.

  5. The Adventure Aquarium looks fabulous :)

  6. Mmm I think the Mediterranean chicken dish looks delicious. Although sadly I suspect my lot would also prefer meatball subs!
    Quentin looks very handsome in his tux. Good that he's getting plenty of wear out of it!

  7. I am super excited about the Mexican Jumping beans. I had them every year when I was a child. I really have to get some for my kids.
    Blessings, Dawn

  8. The tux! LOVE! Remy wants to be Doctor Who. LOL Lots of wonderful happening at your house, I see!

  9. Field trips are always fun. We enjoyed Adventure Aquarium the other year. I wish our co-op had a week off. Meatball sandwiches look good.

  10. What a wonderful week, Phyllis. You always pack in so much fun with your gorgeous family. And I agree with the other comments, the Mediterranean dish looks lovely. I wonder what could be added to make it taste more flavourful? It is so healthy it would be worth playing about with I think!

  11. The yellow jellyfish are unbelievable beautiful! Who would have ever thought a jelly fish could be so pretty! Quentin looks so cute in his tux! I have been coveting. Remembering God's Chosen People, for years now. I really should just break down and get it! thanks for sharing so faithfully at FF!

  12. I've never had much luck with dishes using cut up chicken.

    I love the symbolism and meaning behind the Passover meal. Now I'm gonna check out the book you brought up.

  13. I like the timeline. We have a big timeline with areas for different civilizations too. It's really interesting to compare what was happening in different areas of the world.


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