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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, September 13-19, week 3: Building Relationships

Week 3

Building Relationships

This week we have been having trouble fitting in all that we want to do. I realize I keep saying this, so I know that I have to figure out some more organizational skills to fit what I want to accomplish into our busy weeks, but I also need to realize that I am choosing again and again to keep our schedule busy for a reason. Right now I am finding that building relationships with people are our priority. We want to do more than just see the same people once a week, but really build relationships that they will remember and keep for their whole lives and that takes time and an investment in being out of the house more than we have in the past.
So, what did we do this week?
Steven took Quentin and James to Mount Harmon Plantation for a Revolutionary War Re-enactment and Colonial Festival, 
complete with British and Rebel Encampments, 
military skirmishes, 
colonial marketplace, 
manor house and 
garden tour,
children's activities 
Quentin and James making a pouch to hold clay marbles they also made.
and crafts.
We went to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm with our local homeschool group. While the older kids mostly spent the day in the 5-acre corn maze, the younger kids enjoyed all the games and other activities. Lots of friends, family and fun.
In co-op this week, the boys finished their practice chalk pastel landscapes and we worked on how to prepare for improvisations. We focused on the 5 w's and how to work them into a skit.

We enjoyed looking at a family tree timeline from the Bible.

 The boys finished the archaeology projects (cake archaeology dig, sandbox archaeology dig) we had started last week. 
They carefully washed the items they found, reconstructed some of them. 
They then each drew a diagram of what he thought the site looked like from the evidence found.
We then had fun with David Macaulay's Motel of Mysteries, which pokes a little good-natured fun at the assumptions archaeologists and historians make.
Sam noted that civilizations was a broad topic and he began narrowing the topic by deciding on specific questions to ask on the topic. He then needed to write a concise thesis statement about the concept of civilization.

English Grammar: Nouns Used as Subjects
We reviewed that a subject is whoever or whatever a sentence talks about. We talked about how a sentence is a complete thought expressed in words.
  • Simple Subject: The noun or nouns talked about.
  • Complete Subject: The noun or nouns talked about plus all the words that describe them.


  1. Awesome week, thanks for sharing

  2. The re-enactment looks really neat! I think my boys especially would like something like this! And the corn maze, fun! (I hope to get the kids to one in a few weeks with friends.) Enough time for everything? Never enough hours, huh, Phyllis? LOL You're such a creative person!

  3. Sigh, I am so jealous of all the history reenactments you have where you live.

    So jealous.

    I need to see if our library has that David Macaulay book, it looks interesting.

    1. You are right. I think I take them for granted too much.

  4. What an amazing re-enactment! Plus a full week of building relationships. Love all the photos full of smiles and learning!

  5. What a great re-enactment! You all are having a wonderful time. I know what you mean about being busy on purpose, but also needed to figure out how to make it all work.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. The colonial period field trip looks just fascinating. I wish we lived closer to things like that.

  7. Re-enactments are so much fun! So are corn mazes! I like your focusing on relationships! It is so important that our friends and family know that we love them and value them.

  8. Wow...you guys did a lot of fun stuff. I love all the photos!!!

  9. I love seeing your military re-enactment photos. What a great experience to have so close.
    I know what you mean about struggling to fit it all in but not wanting to give anything up (and I only have 2 children!) You are doing a wonderful job of balancing it all.

  10. I loved looking at your photos this week. I'm also making a ment note that taking apart Lego figurines and blocks is a cool idea for an "archeological dig". I'm with you on relationships. We're currently doing more co-op, classes and field trips outside the home than I personally enjoy, but we're learning so much and really beginning to make some friendships. I've really had to do some thinking about what kind of priorities I want in our homeschool recently.

  11. I'm definitely looking into that macaulay book. I've never heard of that one, but I've enjoyed almost all of his books.
    A wonderful week as ever, Phyllis!

  12. Wow! The re-enactment looks fabulous!!! I love the biblical family tree too.

  13. What a wonderful week you have had, and what a fantastic way to learn. Your pictures are fantastic - especially of the military re-enactment.

    I also wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog last week.

    Have a lovely week.

  14. Love the trips out.


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