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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Our Homeschool Weekly Report, August 30-September 5; From Vacation to Starting Our 18th Year of Homeschooling

August 30-September 5

Katie journaled through all parts of the vacation.

Day 15

 Salisbury Zoo
and Ben's Red Swing Playground, Salisbury, Maryland

Day 16

Day 17


and canoeing 
at Tuckahoe Park

Labor Day

 Renaissance Faire

Week One

First Day of School

 We began our first day with our traditional school cones...

Ancient History


 They each are using a sketch book for their history work.
because we make scrapbook/lapbook type pages. Sometimes, like this week, we will be using Ancient History Portfolio pages.

We began our history with the days of creation. 
The youngest two boys began reading Archaeolgist Dig For Clues by Kate Duke.

First Day of Co-op

Fine Arts

Because this is our co-op day, I am not planning to get a lot of school work done on Wednesdays. We did get some spelling and reading work done and Sam did an Algebra lesson.
 At the co-op the boys are taking a drama class, which I am teaching...
and an art class.


Place Value

For our math this week we focused on place value. For Quentin, we played games in which I would write a number and then ask him what each digit in the number meant, picking them in random order. We added a six-digit chart in his math journal. We reviewed where the comma goes. We played a game in which he had to tell me what was ten greater, or a hundred less, etc. for a given number. I also gave him a set of three digits and had him arrange them to form six three-digit numbers, and then he had to put them in order from the greatest to the least.

For James, we added a chart that went up to Hundreds of Billions. We reviewed where the commas went. I also verbally gave him numbers and he had to write them in his journal correctly. We then added a decimal point to the end of the place value chart and we reviewed decimal place value, comparing these amounts to fractional equivalents.


East Africa

This map is part of the Discover Africa notebooking packet from Balancing Everything.
Alex is learning about Africa this year. I might add this to the two younger boys studies as well. I just want to get their other work up and running to see if they have the time for it. We began this week with Kenya in East Africa. He colored the flag and cut and pasted some pictures of Kenyan clothing to his notebook pages as well as completing this map.

He also completed an art project: Maasai portrait. He made the jewelry with crayons and the rest with tempera paint.

Sport's Night

We enjoyed ice cream from Rita's after sports night because it was a benefit for a friend who had a stroke and is in the hospital.


  1. I know I keep saying it, but I'm always amazed at how much you can pack into a week!

  2. What a brilliant week! I love the photo of you teaching the drama class and everyone is laughing outloud. So much joy captured in just one single shot!
    Have you stopped doing the history link up?

    1. Yes, my I gave my assistant my camera and I am really glad I did. She got some really great shots. No, I haven't stopped the meme. First there was my vacation and I meant to come back this week, but it has been a crazy week. I promise it will be up this coming week.

    2. It is up now and ready for linking. :)

  3. That mountain of tires looks like a fun place to play!

    They're gonna love the co-op you teach I bet.

    1. Yes, it is. It is called the tire park since it is made all of recycled tires, including the mulch on the ground. I am teaching the drama class because Quentin really wants to act and it was too hard or expensive to give him the experience any other way.

  4. I was going to say almost the same as Claire - I love how everyone is laughing at your drama class.
    Thank you for reminding me to play some place value games with my children soon. Have a wonderful weekend, Phyllis.

  5. It looks like a good week. I love the school supplies cones.

  6. LOVE the photo of you laughing Phyllis - you look great! And I see in the comment above that you are teaching a drama class - coming round about to your student studies :) Katie journaling throughout vacation - love that collage. Plus your first day of school tradition of cones. And a sketch book for history- I really like that! Thanks for sharing your fabulous week.

  7. First of all, I just love your weeks. Always. I always wish I could just bring Kei and spend the week with y'all. Second of all it is SO good to see YOU in a picture. Pretty Momma. 3rd of all I MUST EMAIL YOU!!! I am teaching a Drama class at Co-op and I am a little lost. I have Keilee who knows things but I would love to discuss plans with you. You are a PRO!! :) kakeiatbellsouthdotnet if you have a chance!! Happy weekend. Oh one more thing,Thank you Phyllis. Without fail you always comment on my blog posts. Keilee always asks me to "Read Phyllis's comment" Thank you for being so supportive!! <3

  8. I loved this post. All the learning is amazing. Love the pictures.

  9. Oh, I am sure the boys are going to love drama class. How cool that you will teach it. Good luck with school this year!

  10. What a great looking week!

  11. That all looks awesome. I would love to attend another Renaissance Festival and canoeing looks like a lot of fun. Can't we just have a few more weeks of summer?


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