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Labor Day: What I did on my Summer Vacation

"So what are we going to do today?"

1. Make Teatime an afternoon tradition...and you don't have to limit yourself to tea!

2. Make Faux Stained Glass.

3. Make Foil Creations. Use foil to create all kinds of sculptures and toys.

4. Have Fun at the Beach with Sand Casting and Beach Bowling.

5. Make and play with Puppets -They are easy to make from a kit and fun to play with.

6. Have Bird Races.

7. Make Bird Puppets.

8.Have some Fuse Art Fun.

9. Have fun Making and Stringing Beads.

10. Make Story Stones.

11.Make Clothespin Dolls.

12. Make a Collage out of your nature finds.

13. Make Your Own Windsock

14. Have some Cornstarch Fun: Oobleck, Fingerpaint, Sidewalk Paint.

15. Make Your Own Stickers.

16. Make Dream Catchers (one for younger kids, one for older).

17. Have fun Making Your Own Gummies.

18. Host The Great Cookie Bake.

19. Make a Giant Bubble Wand.

20. Make Coffee Can Stilts.

21. Make Sponge Comet Balls.

22. Water Fun Games to play!

23. Go Fly a Kite!

24. Have fun with an Owl Craft and Cupcakes.

25. Make Permanent Sandcastles.

26. Make Flower Leis or Crowns.

27. Make Walnut Shell Beeswax Candles. -Although most often we think of making these during the winter holidays, this is also a great activity to do in the air conditioning on a hot summer day.

28. Make Twig and Maple Seed Dragonflies.

29. Have fun with Bubble Painting.

30. Have fun with El Submarino: Submarine Hot Chocolate.

31. Make Juice Box Boats.

32. Make a Beach Memories Keeper.

33. Make Firefly Lanterns and play Firefly Games.

34. Make Potato Prints on Fabric.

35. Make Treasure Pouches.

36. Make a solar s'mores maker. Who needs a campfire?

37. Make a bucket of Edible Sand.

38. Have fun with stamped washable tatoos.

39. Do some gem mining at home.

40. Make a mini edible mint garden.

41. Play Operation Rescue Super Heroes.

42. Surprise them with Magic Color Changing Drinks.
43. Play with Fizzy Exploding Bags.
46. Make a watermelon shark.

47. Make watermelon slushies.

49. Have a Red Berries and chocolate tea time.

50. Make a watermelon pie.

52. Make ice boats.

53. Make Cloud parfaits.
54. Make an Ivory Soap Cloud.

55. Make some Puddleicious cupcakes, complete with cloud frosting, rain and puddle.
56. Make some Baby Bel Umbrellas.

60. Make marbled paper.
62. Make Bejeweled Goblets.
64. Make a tea bag rocket.
exotic fruit tasting
71. Have an Exotic Fruit Tasting.


  1. What fun! So many great ideas :) We are frequent staycationers ourselves...so I welcome fun ideas.

  2. We have done a few of these but now I have TONS of ideas!!! I just love your blog Phyllis!

  3. When one lives with much joy, they can always find the perfect vacations without having to leave home. Love all the pictures and fun activities!

  4. Anonymous1.6.11

    HOly Moly this is an amazing list of things to do. And - as a blogger - I appreciate the time it takes to assemble a list like this - and being a reader - I love that y'all do all of these things! Woot!

  5. Packed FULL of fun for the whole summer long!

  6. That reminded me of so many things you've done that I wanted to do.


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