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Home School Life Journal ........... painting by Katie Bergenholtz
"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, August 23-29; Staycation, week 2

Day 8

Ferry to Pea Patch Island...
 a short tram ride to Fort Delaware, a living history museum...
where James and Quentin participated in the Children's Muster.

Day 9

Do you know what a Paw Paw is? 
Alapocas Run State Park's Paw Paw and Folk Art Festival, Wilmington, Delaware and...

the Can-Do Boundless Playground.

Day 10

Playing Games
Sundae Bar

Day 11

Visiting Friends
sandcastle treat
Preparing for Trip

Day 12

Assateague Island, Maryland
where we saw lots of ponies. 

Day 13

Ocean City, Maryland

where Quentin was in the show.

Day 14

 Assateague Island, Maryland



  1. Wild ponies!?! That's awesome.

    1. Yes, it really is. Especially at the beach. They walk right up to you, but you are supposed to stay at least ten feet away, because they are wild. They walked into our tent, however.

  2. I"m jealous of all the ponies!

    I saw a D20!

    1. Yes, you did see a twenty-side dice.

  3. Whenever I see pictures of your children, joy is radiating out from their faces. I loved the boys in the muster picture and the ponies on the beach.

  4. The pony picture looks amazing. You had a lot of great experiences on this trip!

  5. LOL about the ponies walking into your tent! I hope they weren't too wild in there! Your photos always make me smile - so much joy, so many lovely things and places to look at.

    1. No, they were looking for food and since there wasn't anything there, they just left. They did bite the roll of aluminum foil we had on the picnic table, however. I think that they often find food in foil wrapped packets, so they bite into them. This time, they just found more foil, however. LOL

  6. Awesome! What a beautiful week you all had! We're going to have to somehow go to Assateague. I didn't know that ponies would enjoy the surf!

    1. They go there to get away from the flies, which are pretty fierce. If you go, take lots of insect repellent. :)

  7. What a fantastic week, I love your new header photo!


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