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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Bastille Day and Our Homeschool Weekly Report, July 12-18, Week 35

July 12-18

 We went to our good friends' Bastille Day Picnic.
 They have a lovely place. The goldfish pond is full of fish that are so tame, they let you pet them.
 The boys loved being in the wide open spaces.
 They played games with friends and in general had a wonderful time.
Thank you for a lovely day.
Alex had his 19th birthday on Wednesday and we prepared a woodland birthday lunch for him. We had all sorts of tiny foods and Quentin made a woodland scene cake with a little fairy and a little gnome. Katie made some gfcf cupcakes for Alex and we lit sparklers instead of candles for them because he loves sparklers so much.
Alex, Quentin and James all had good reports at the dentist's office...no cavities.
Week 35
The school year is finally winding down for us as we complete subject after subject. 


Astronauts and Space

Training for Rendezvous and Docking

The younger boys experienced a little of what it is like for astronauts to dock with another space craft with this homemade project.

Garden Update

 Quentin added a gnome to the garden.
And, as you can see the tomatoes are ripening.

Nature Study

 We have a skink that lives on near our back step. Skinks are a type of lizard.
 We also have a bird nest in the backyard with baby birds in it.
Momma and Daddy bird both watch over them.
James' collection from the beach.
And, of course, they have been down to the beach a few times this week.


1970's and Beyond, Modern History and Current Events, and Presidents Nixon- Obama

Teaching government systems with gummy bears.
source: Pinterest
We have finished our world history with an American history emphasis studies. We had fun this week using the example above I saw on Pinterest to illustrate different political positions. We will begin the cycle again with Ancient History in the Fall.



The younger boys have begun to learn woodcarving. Right now they are just practicing the strokes on balsa wood and making a great mess.

Physical Education

Sports Night


 At this week's sports night...
 they played kickball.
 It was still in the 90's at 6:00 at night...
Quentin runs to me, happy after a home-run.
so not as many families showed up, but there was enough to have some fun.
And, speaking of the heat, I have just one last note for you...
from Teachable Moments


  1. LOVE the new banner photo! How neat about the fish. Koi? Happy birthday Alex! Creative cake! Cute! Garden looks awesome! Look at that tomato! We're just getting peas and beans now, but the weeds have run wild. (We're probably sticking the small garden next year as we just don't have the time to devote to a large one.)

    1. I have had a problem with this heat to get to the herb garden and now it is full of weeds. Yes, they are Koi.

  2. Your weeks ALWAYS make me smile! I do often look at them, but do not always get to comment. I just wanted to make certain I got to say "Happy Birthday" to Alex! You do such a great job with adding in little details to make him feel extra-special, like the sparkler "candles."

    YOU ROCK!!!

  3. Happy birthday to Alex! I hope he enjoyed his party. I can't wait to see wood carved projects on your blog.

    1. Right now they are just learning the strokes. Yes, Alex especially liked the cupcakes.

  4. Oh. Wood carving. I can't wait to try that!

    1. I will be posting soon our tips and trials on woodcarving with children.

  5. The fish were neat :-) Also, Firecracker was reading along with me and wished that he had friends that wanted to play croquet! LOL Looks like a great week.

    1. I wish that Firecracker was close enough to play croquet with us.

  6. Gosh Phyllis how do you get so much done in a week!!!!???? I love all the Bastille Day photos. Fun and beautiful. Happy Birthday to Alex! Love all the Nature studies too. Wonderful week as always. Happy weekend!

    1. I am passing on Birthday wishes from everyone to Alex, but he looks at me confused, like, "Who are these people you are talking about?" LOL

  7. The Bastille Day picnic looks like it was a lot of fun. Once again - you packed so much into a week -- and no cavities to boot! ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Such an inspiring week of school you have shared! I wish I could of been there to share Bastille Day with your friends and families, it looked like so much fun to be had.

    Please tell Quentin that it is my fault that he hasn't received his letter from DJ. I haven't been able to make it to the post office to mail his letter that includes a gift. DJ has asked if I can take a picture of the letter and send it to to your email so they can continue their correspondence.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. I wish you guys could have been there, too. We all would have had fun. Tell DJ not to worry. Whatever he wants to do is fine.

  10. What a beautiful spot for a Bastille Day picnic! Happy birthday to Alex! Glad the boys had a good dental check up! Nate goes back Thursday for two fillings!

  11. Happy birthday Alex! I love that you guys celebrated Bastille Day, that is so cool.


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