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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, June 21-27

Snapshot Summary, June 21-27
This was a very busy week for us.
 We had an exotic fruit tasting.
 We went to a Mexican grocery...

 and brought home cactus...
 to grill. It was tasty...lemony green...but not worth the prickles removal, in my opinion.
by Katie
 There has been lots of art work...
awards made by Quentin
 and homemade awards.
photo by Quentin
 There have been lots of imaginative stories created.
 There have been lots of days at the beach.

 We have gone bowling with friends...
 where we also ate lunch together.
 We have found lots of interesting creatures...
Maximum Height Lego Challenge
James, age 12, Maryland USA
and made creations with Legos.
photo credit
 We went to the Herr's Potato Chip factory for a tour 
Don't look at the fact that we took Utz chips to have with our lunch after the Herr's Potato Chip factory tour.
and had lunch at a nearby park together.
A very good week, indeed.

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  1. A potato chip factory, and no more radiation!!! - that does sound like an excellent week :)

  2. Yeah! with being done with radiation!

    They don't remove the quills for you? That's odd because our local stores do that. There's a guy in store who removes all the quills. It's an interesting site.

    1. There was a little of them removed, but most were still on. He just told us to cut them off. I tried a peeler but I ended up with quills in my hand while I was working on the other side. If we have them again, I will use gloves.

  3. That sounds like an excellent week! Yay on finishing the radiation!

  4. So AWESOME about the radiation treatment, Phyllis! I don't know how you do it! Hands on learning, new experiences, cool field trips...and you're still bouncing back!

  5. Yay to the end of radiation. It sounds like a full and fun week indeed.

  6. What an awesome week. I am so glad you are done with radiation. the potato factory looks like so much fun. I think the cactus would be interesting to try once. You are such an awesome mom.
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. Oh Phyllis, I am SO glad you are finished with your radiation. That is the BEST news. :) :) Love all the things you do with your kids. Cactus? Hmmm not sure if I would like that. I love how you always try new foods though. We talk about going to a Mexican grocery but I am not even sure what to buy. Love Katie's artwork.

  8. Congratulations on completing your radiation treatments! You guys have so many real life learning experiences. The pictures are awesome. Quentin is quite the photographer! My dad would love that picture, he is a Trekky.LOL. DJ wanted to know if that was a Stink or a Tegu? The art work done by Katie is very creative and beautiful. Fun times at your house for sure. I sure wish I could visit to celebrate with you. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I'm so happy you are done with radiation... praise God - now I pray you continue to heal and get better and put this portion of things behind you.

    We have been bowling fanatics lately -- dollar Cosmic bowling each Thursday night has us hooked!

  10. Looks like tons a fun...especially the potato chip factory! My older 3 kids love bowling, but I find bringing a toddler along to be exhausting because he has such a hard time understanding why he can't run down the lane with the ball! LOL!

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun -- especially the potato chip factory! My older kids love bowling, but it's tricky with the toddler along. He just doesn't understand why he can't follow the ball down the lane. LOL!

  12. A good week indeed. So pleased you have finished radiation, and just in time for a lovely relaxing summer.

  13. Congrats on no more radiation! Hooray!! Looks like you guys were busy learning and having fun at the same time last week! The beach looks lovely. So does the potato chip factory! Thanks for sharing at FF.


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