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Circles, Pi and Our Homeschool Weekly Report, June 7-13

June 7-13

Coordinate Graphing

 The study of coordinate graphing is the study of whether there is a predictable relationship between two sets of numbers. We enjoyed applying coordinate graphing to the study of circles. Is the diameter of a circle related to its circumference? If the diameter is known, can the circumference be predicted? This was a nice follow-up to our previous explorations about circles.
 We gathered several circular items from around the house. We measured the circumference with a bit of yarn.

 Then he measured the diameter of the item.
 And we plotted the measurements on a coordinate graph. At some point, he felt confident that there was a relationship between the two measurements and drew a line through the measurements that he had already plotted. This gave him points all along the graph.
After this he could just take one measurement, plot it into the graph and see where the line fell and make a prediction at the second measurement of the pair.

Rates of change can also be measured. As a ball is dropped from higher and higher points, does the height of its bounce change in a predictable manner? 

Do all balls bounce to the same height dropped from the same place? Is the graph for each separate ball and its bounce a straight line? Or, do some balls bounce less high as they are moved to successively higher points? What bouncing patterns do things other than balls have? 


The Homefront

Meatless Meals

 "Many families first tried fondue during the war in their search for meals that were nourishing, easy to prepare and used little or no meat."-World War II for Kids, Panchyk
Cheddar Fondue with bread chunks and soft pretzels for Dinner
Chocolate Fondue with chunks of sponge cake, cookies and fruit for Dessert

Coney Island Dogs and Soft Pretzels

"Refreshment stands at the famous Coney Island amusement park in Brooklyn began selling a special version of the hot dog made by adding a thick meat sauce topping." Another item made popular by street vendors was the soft pretzel.- World War II for Kids, Panchyk

The Garden Update

Field Trips

Celtic Festival
Steppingstone Farm Museum, Havre de Grace, Maryland

Clayton Railroad Day
Clayton, Delaware

With all the hot weather, there have been lots of walks to the beach, between rainstorms, that is.

What We Are Reading:
  • Who was Anne Frank?, Ann Abramson
  • The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • World War II for Kids, Panchyk
  • Eyewitness: Plant, David Burnie
  • Planting the trees of Kenya : the story of Wangari Maathai, Claire Nivola
  • Horseshoe Crab, Robert McClung 
  • Maryland's 157 : the incorporated cities and towns, Maryland Municipal League 
  • Crab Moon, Horowitz 
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt : a leader in troubled times, Jeremy Caplan
  • Eleanor Roosevelt : First Lady of the world, Dina El Nabli
  • Horseshoe Crabs, Schaefer
  • Extraordinary Horseshoe Crabs, Dunlap
  • The wild, wild West, Larry Keys
  • Our country's Presidents : all you need to know about the presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama, Ann Bausum
  • The history of modern China, Zhiyue Bo

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  1. Now that's my kind of food - anything cheese-based is a winner here! I am glad you had fun at Celtic Days, too. We are gearing up for the Penn-Mar Irish Festival this weekend up here! We go most years; I'm hoping time will permit making it this year too!

  2. Wow, what a busy (and very cool) week! I love all the food (now I'm hungry!) and the way he plotted the relationship between the diamater and the circumference. I really wish I could go to your school!!

  3. This post is perfect timing for us as I am looking for fun resources for some Geometry activities. Your garden is beautiful, and the field trips are just fascinating all the time! Oh and the food looks so delicious. I wish I could come over for some cooking lessons. LOL. What a great week of learning!

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your garden pictures are gorgeous. Your season is a bit ahead of ours in CT. I wish my plants were that large. After all this rain, some sun sure would help!

  5. I love your learning.It is so natural! The fondue pot you have is so cool.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. The Celtic Festival looks like fun --- I am always amazed at how much you pack into a week. Have a great weekend!!

  7. "Between rain storms that is..." it is really like summer isn't it? Your garden is wonderful! And the field trips and meals and measuring - all such a wonderful mix of learning.

  8. Yum! Those big pretzels look good! Did you make the cheese fondue from scratch? Recipe? My kids would love this! We don't have a fondue pot, but I think we could make do. Sometimes we have fondue with their grandparents but I think they BUY it all done and just warm it up. :wink: Chocolate is ALWAYS good!

    Great hands-on math and science! As always, your kids must love all the hands-on stuff! Creative!

    Your garden is coming along, huh? We just added fertilizer to ours to get it jump started again. It seems to be growing a bit slow this season. I'm determined to get some pumpkins this year! LOL

  9. Cheese fondue? Yummy...... We eat fondue on a regular basis here, of course ours is usually meat fondue.

    Now, I'm craving cheese fondue.

  10. Oh, the Celtic Festival looks like something we would like:) And thank you for the math and science activities...we will be trying those out this week!

  11. I didn't know that about fondue! I think it's very clever to set up PI as a coordinate investigation - I'd never have thought of it. Looks like fun trips too!


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