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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Turner's Creek in the Spring and Homeschool Weekly Report, April 5-11, week 25

April 5-11, 2013
Turner's Creek in the Spring

 Today we took a picnic lunch to Turner's Creek, a local park...

 and ate under a cherry tree.

 In not too long, Quentin went on an explore.

 Big sister ran to catch up with him.

 She made dandelion chains.

 We explored the woods and found the creek.

 All the dried weeds left over from winter were still around.

 Quentin said the water was still very cold.

After not too long, we had to head back.

Other Everyday Celebrations

 Quentin picked out this tea set for our afternoon teatimes.
This week we had strawberry shortcakes.

Garden Plans

 We began our spring garden notes.
 Katie made a plan for our raised garden bed.

Game Night

One new game we have been enjoying is Hnefatafl.

week 25
This week was our built-in catch-up week. I have one every quarter so that we can get our old projects done before starting all new ones. For that reason, I don't have many new things to show you, however.

History: The 1920's

From Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression.We compared the clothing of 1907, 1920 and 1938.
We did complete some history work about After WWI: The Twenties and Presidents Harding and Coolidge.

National Letter Writing Month

Because April is National Letter Writing month, the boys have decided to begin writing to pen pals. If you sent an email to me saying your child was interested in writing to them, your child will be receiving a letter from them soon. Writing for them is slow going, but hopefully, with practice, it will get easier.



  1. The park day looks lovely. What fun garden plans you all have.
    blessings, Dawn

  2. :sigh: I looks like SPRING there! And bare feet! Blossoms! We're supposed to get 2-3 inches of SNOW tonight. I want spring too! :wink: I have that same My Garden Notes print-out for my kids!

  3. We have SNOW again today. Sigh.

    I absolutely love your photo of your daughter in the hat with the plants across her lap. She's such a prettyy girl!

    I missed you mentioning that the boys want pen pals. M has some trouble writing legibly, but would love a new pen pal if any of your kids would like one more. Let me know.

  4. My gosh Phyllis, I have missed reading about your lovely weeks. Turner's Creek looks beautiful! Love all the photos especially the ones of Katie! Love the garden planning and that game looks VERY interesting! Off to look it up. You do the funnest stuff ever with your kids! And yes I know "funnest" isn't a word. ;)

  5. Love the SPRING pics...dont you love how our children can explore the outside on their "school day"! Lovely pictures 8) We start our gardening unit next week! Little later in NY for Spring to really come out! Enjoy your weekend! Stopping over from Collage Friday!


  6. What beautiful weather you had for your picnic! And I love the gardening notebooks. This year the kids are making a giant's garden. I can't wait to watch it grow.

  7. YAY spring! I need to move to MD. It's still spitting snow here, but I did hear peepers last night. Love the beautiful hand made game, Phyllis! Oh my, Are those mountain lion foot prints?!!

  8. The boys wrote their letters this week, I'm gonna make a legible copy because their spelling is not the best, but I'll include both versions.

    That park looks lovely.


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