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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Our Homeschool Weekly Report, March 22-28, week 23

March 22-28
Special Days and the Everyday

Easter Week

Dyed Easter Eggs
We dyed eggs and had a nice Easter teatime, but the camera ate the pictures of the teatime, or rather the video card died with pictures on it.
Katie's Origami Bunny Boxes 
 Katie has been really enjoying exploring a new art form for her -origami. 
They are filled with jelly beans.

Katie's paper Easter Lillies

Katie's origami goat she designed herself.
The most exciting part is that she is beginning to design her own creations!

Top Ten Thrifty Homeschool Blogs @hsbapost
Lastly, I wanted to thank you all for putting All Things Beautiful in the Top 10 Best Thrifty Homeschool Blogs of 2012. It means a lot to us!

Week 23

Science and Nature Study

ZooLand, part 8: Displaying Animals

The boys finished their zoo habitat display models. I was really pleased at how they turned out. They worked hard on them and showed how much they had learned.

Zooland: part 9: How Zoos Get Their Animals

We learned about how zoos obtain their animals and we had fun playing a homemade zoo animal trading game.

Mosquito Study

We learned about the mosquito and kind of blend of nature study and science.


Sam worked on algebra problems with x's on both sides of the equations.

Fiesta Time!: The End of our Mexican Restaurant math study

As the last project, and a celebration for the end of this math unit, we had a Mexican Fiesta, which included math activities before, during and after the fiesta. During the feast the boys acted as waiters and took orders from the members of our family and wrote each person up their own bills. The camera ate those photos, too.



To go along with our Mexican restaurant math unit, we studied Mexico.


We did a lot of history this week. While Sam learned about the Sino-Japanese War and the Irish Potato Famine, the younger boys worked on various history-related projects.

The Titanic

James finished putting together and painting his model of the Titanic. I added these pictures to our post on our study of the Titanic.

World War I

This activity comes from Homeschool in the Woods' Timetraveler series, "The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression." 
My plan was for us to make trenches in our sand pile, but the weather was a bit too cold for that, so we put that off, hoping it will get warmer soon. Meanwhile we learned about the weapons of World War I.

We made eight little booklets on the Military Weaponry of WWI: Artillery, Airplanes & Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, Zeppelins, Chemical Warfare, Trench Warfare, The Tank and Ships. We were supposed to glue in the booklets a write-up about each of the categories, but I didn't think they would get much out of that so I had them make notes on what they learned about each of these in the booklets.

Depression Era Cooking

We made a dessert this time, Chocolate Rice Pudding, similar to this recipe.


  1. I love those paper Easter lilies!

  2. Love those Easter eggs and lilies!
    Thanks for linking up to, Friendship Friday at, "Living and learning With Our New Normal."

  3. Chocolate rice pudding. Hmmm. I have only in the last year ventured into hot rice for breakfast. Surely sounds frugal and may have to give it a try! Gorgeous Easter eggs, origami, displays, Titanic. Another beautiful week. Happy Easter!

  4. The Easter lilies are wonderful. How are the thousand cranes coming?
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. Wow! Those Easter eggs are beautiful. How did you dye them? My kids have never gotten into dying eggs so we don't do it often, but these are great! And the paper lilies are awesome too! Katie did a great job on those! Congrats on your award! Lots of great history and science projects this week! Nice Titanic!

  6. Hopping in from Weekly wrap-up and I have decided to add you to my blog reader page. :) Love the dioramas and titanic! very creative.

  7. Katie's paperwork is trily beautiful! Have a very happy Easter!

  8. I love the eggs and Easter lilies! Everything created is really amazing, though. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I wonder could one do a chocolate rice using brown rice instead of pudding? I might have to have an investigate.
    I LOVE your eggs and your Easter lilies are beautiful!


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