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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, February 15-21, week 18; Halfway There!

This week marks our half-way mark for this school year. We are running much later than we had planned to be at this point, but that is okay since we school all summer long. This is a built-in review and catch-up week ( I schedule in four of them throughout the year; the last week of each quarter.) so we finished up some of the loose ends, but we also learned some new things.


Continuing with our tostada restaurant scenario, the boys calculated the average (or mean) cost of each tostada combination. (The Rosadas have determined that they sell almost an equal number of each combinations every day.) The Rosadas also let us know that in the restaurant business owners need to charge three times the cost of the ingredients in order to pay for such things as rent utilities, salaries and to make a profit, so the boys had to figure out how to triple the costs and come up with an average price for the Rosadas to charge for their tostadas.


We are continuing to learn about various animals that interest them and we paid particular attention to animal care this week. Quentin learned about bats this week.


My Side of the Mountain
We have been working on writing this week while reading Jean Craighead George's My Side of the Mountain. They seem to like the combination of creative writing based on factual information. They can't always physically write as much as the would like so I write for them just as they tell it to me. I then read it back to them and see if they want to make any changes. They are beginning to see the difference between the spoken and written word.
We are also working on outlining, spelling and reading.


We studied the Spanish-American War...
 and the younger boys leaned about Clara Barton through a internet Junior Ranger program. They received these nice packets for their efforts.
We also studied:
Plessy vs. Ferguson, 1896

 John Philip Sousa and The Stars and Stripes Forever, 1896
Klondike (Yukon) Gold Rush, 1896
Frederic Remington
William Roentgen discovers "x-ray", 1895
Mckinley, 25th President
Philippine-American War, 1899-1902
Boxer Rebellion, 1900
J.P. Morgan's US Steel Corporation, 1901
Sigmund Freud
Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President

Depression Era Cooking

 As part of their history curriculum the younger boys have recipes from the Depression Era to make. Since it is Lent, we decided to have these recipes on Fridays as many of them are meatless.
 This week Quentin made Meatless Loaf (which is similar to this recipe, except ours doesn't have onions) made from peanuts, cottage cheese, brown rice and an egg.
 It is supposed to be made in a loaf pan, but we seem to be unable to find ours, so we put it in a small casserole dish.
 All of the years with the boys helping out in the kitchen has paid off, because they could make their recipes with only a little help from me with reading them.
James made Egg Noodles with Buttery Crumbs (which is similar to this except we didn't brown the butter, just mixed the crumbs with melted butter). The recipe called for either Ritz-type crumbs or Saltine crumbs. We used Ritz cracker crumbs this time, but we want to try it with Saltines next time to compare the two.
The verdict was that the noodles were tasty and we would make them again, but only Steven, the vegetarian, liked the Meatless loaf, and even he was not crazy about it.

High School

Sam has picked up his study of Latin and Greek now that we are back home. Steven, Katie and I are all doing Greek with him on Saturdays as a refresher. It is a nice thing to do together. He is also working on:
Phylum Arthropoda in Biology
The Risorgimento in Italy and The Taiping Rebellion in Modern History
Writing History Compostions in English
Translating Ordinary Sentences into Logical Statements in Logic

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  1. Yay for the Jr. Ranger Program! It is such a great program for children of all ages. Have you heard about the NPS program called Web Rangers. It is all web-based learning found at www.nps.gov/webrangers(Can you tell I work for the NPS?) :)

    1. Yes, I believe that the Clara Barton site was a Web Ranger program. We loved it.

  2. What great things you are up to as always. We found a site on youtube that is called depression cooking. It was really great and frugal food.
    Blessins, Dawn

  3. I have never thought of doing the internet Junior Ranger programs, Phyllis! Thank you for this idea... we have several in person badges, but this is a great idea. I'm on a rabbit trail now to look for those!

    I always say this - but all of your hands on learning is such a blessing to your kids. Thanks for sharing ideas with us at Collage Friday each week!

  4. My kids want to know if they can go and be homeschooled at your house! You always have such great activities!

  5. What a wonderful week you guys had! I really need to get my act together in the kitchen, your recipes always look so GOOD.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. I'm always amazed at how much you do in a week! You are a great mom to do some many hands on activities and really make learning come alive. I can't tell you how much we are enjoying My Side of the Mountain. I'm looking forward to the sequels too. Have a blessed weekend!

  7. That math activity with the tostadas - wow! And I agree - all that time in the kitchen surely has paid off. And I'm in agreement with everyone else - the Jr Ranger program via internet is smart.

  8. I totally forgot I was going to check into the Pearl Harbor Junior ranger program this week! Okay, now to try and remember that tonight.

  9. Another WOW for the online Junior Ranger program! I have never heard of it. Looks like a great week, although I don't think I'd like the nut loaf, either. ;-) The noodles sound tasty!

  10. I just love seeing all my HS friends blogs..I love reading about their weeks and how 'involved' their kids are. That is what I always take from your blog..your boys are just always doing the coolest things!!! I love the Tostada lessons. Great great! I never knew there was a Junior Ranger program on line! Off to check it out! Happy weekend friend. :)

  11. What science program is that work sheet from? What a great week - again!

  12. Looks like you had a great week! I love your idea of scheduling catch-up/review weeks, too. I think I will consider doing that myself:)

  13. Meatless meatloaf...now there is an idea! I had never heard of such. Thanks for linking up to, Its a Wrap and I hope you'll return this week. -Savannah

  14. I cannot believe how much you manage to get done in a week. I loved the pictures of boys cooking, and the recipes sound very interesting!


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