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Swirly Christmas Balls Craft {for all ages}

This Christmas craft is easy enough for the younger kids and yet interesting enough for the older kids to want to do. A great family project.
You will need:
Clear glass Christmas ball ornaments
the desired colors of paint, acrylic or tempra
Remove the top from the ball and squirt in a medium squirt (about 1-1/2 tsp.) of two colors of  paint. Put a piece of tape over the open to keep from splattering. Shake, roll on a paper plate or otherwise get the paint to move inside the ball. Once the paint is mixed as you like it, tap them upside down on the paper plate or newspaper you have on the table to tap out any excess paint. Leave the ball upside down, without it's top,  in  container it came in, or an old egg carton, to dry. Once dry, replace the top and hang. 
You can let your kids get creative with the color mixing, or if you have a color theme for your Christmas tree, you can  make balls to match it.

source: photo tutorial at Hope Studios


  1. Just Beautiful!
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. these are beautiful!

  3. We made these one year. Your's turned out beautiful! I love the swirls.

  4. Beautiful! We did these last year, and I was impressed at how easy (and pretty) they turned out to be:)

  5. Lovely results. I think I'll keep it until the next year - too much has been planned already :)

  6. I have a box full of balls that I bought on clearance a couple years back just waiting for a project...this may just be the one!

  7. So easy and fun!!! Have a great Wednesday!


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