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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, August 10-16, Summer School, week 3

This week, more than any other this summer, we took a break from formal schooling. We did complete some notebooking, but mainly we just relaxed.
 On Friday, we went to the local homeschool Back-to-School picnic.
There were about 200 people there for food, fun and fellowship.

Scallops and Other Bivalves
We continued our study of mollusks this week with a look at various bivalves, starting with scallops.
Alex's (age 18, Special Education) notebook page
It swims by opening its shell and then clapping it closed quickly. this pushes the scallop through the water in short bursts of speed.
It is the hinge that makes this possible that ends up as the part of the scallop we eat.
 James noticed that the field guides use measurements as a way to help make identification for the various types of shells. We measured our shells and added this to our pages. If our sketches were larger than life, we just measured the actual shell and put it's actual measurement next to the sketch.
 If our sketches were larger than life, we just measured the actual shell and put it's actual measurement next to the sketch.
James' (age 11) notebook page
Giant Atlantic Cockle
They can jump several inches using their powerful feet.
James liked to try to identify them exactly, and not just the group his chosen shell was in.

Oysters and Pearls
Alex's (age 18, special needs) notebook Oysters spend their entire adult lives in one spot. A pearl forms when something like a grain of sand gets inside the shell. The mantle secretes layers of shell material around it, making a pearl.
They are getting more used to making their own notebook pages, knowing what things I expect them to include (picture and so many bits of information). Alex sketched the oyster in pencil, traced the outline with marker and then shaded the rest with colored pencils.

We tried, and liked, a few new recipes this week, many of them made in the crockpot.
Old Bay Chicken (pictured)
Saucy Asian Meatballs (pictured in collage)
Vegetarian Curry
Shrimp Po'Boys
Zucchini Cakes

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  1. 200 people! I love to go to homeschooling events and see so many people there! Loving the mollusk study. Everyone is doing so great on their notebooks! I will have to check out that Old Bay Chicken...looks good and I love Crock Pot meals!

    1. It is quite different to be in an area with so many homeschoolers after living in a rural area for so long. It is a bit of culture shock!

  2. Sounds like a great week! Love the measurements of the shells!

  3. Phyllis - we had a back to school bash today too. We have about 65 families in our homeschool group. A huge blessing - so if they all show up and you multiply out the children...(but actually we locked ourselves out of the house and didn't make it- even though it was about 3 miles away :) My husband rescued us though! I truly love informal weeks. It always seems those that I plan not to 'school' that we end up learning so very much. A lovely week you had - and the Old Bay Chicken is one of our all time favorites (many thanks to you). So easy and delicious.

  4. That's good that they are getting more used to creating their own pages. I enjoyed seeing them; good job, kiddos!

  5. I"m glad Blue's going to get better!
    I love Alex's picture/report. He's a good artist.

  6. I love those notebooking pages! They did such a good job. And this post reminded me that I need to get some field guides!


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