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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

This Moment, Dressed on Sunday Edition and Snapshot Summary, April 30-May 4, week 28

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A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments at SouleMama.

Snapshot Summary, April 30-May 4


Science: Genetics

We practiced Punnett Squares with leftover Easter Eggs and M & M's.

History: The Trail of Tears and President Andrew Jackson

 We learned about president Andrew Jackson...

50 States Geography

We added the Beehive state, Utah, to our geography album.
We ate "Utah Scones" to celebrate.


 Quentin measured things of his choosing, such as Alex's school supplies box, with Unifix cubes. He decided for himself whether he would round to the closest under or over the measurement. All of these choices he makes for himself in math activities makes him think about math concepts and also makes him more invested in the activity.
After measuring the item, he then broken the line of cubes into strips of ten and whatever leftover. Practical practice of place value. 
The recent discussions going around on Love2Learn2Day and Almost Unschoolers made me once again review my thoughts on mathematics. It seems to me that we rush our kids through early math concepts so they can get through all they need to have before graduation. I know many homeschoolers judge how well you are doing as a teacher by how far along in math your children are. I guess I have given all of that up, choosing to take a long, pondering course with math, trying to instill a firm grounding in the basic concepts and building a joy for the beauty of math along the way. 
Speaking of joy and math together, James and Quentin had some fun this week with Oreo math.
We had taken some Oreos out of the package previously, so the first task I gave him was to look at the Oreos left in the package and quickly estimate how many there were. We do a lot of informal estimating as the situations present themselves.
Then we held an Oreo stacking contest. How many can you stack before the stack falls over?
We took everybody's results and put them on a graph.
We calculated the mean, median, mode and range.
Next we made a balance scale with hanger and plastic bags. I had Quentin choose an object in the room and estimate the number of Oreos he thought equaled the mass of the object chosen. 
Quentin also completed some simple division by grouping 12 cookies into various amounts (this activity at Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational except we used real Oreos.)


We also celebrated May Day with May Day baskets...
which the boys left on our neighbor's doors.

The boys really like virgin frozen margaritas!
 We celebrated Cinco de Mayo today (yes, I know one day early, but we have many projects to accomplish on the weekends these days, so we are celebrating Cino de Quatro, as the boys have coined it.)
 I made these little pinatas that served as decorations and favors for the boys.
In addition to a taco bar, we had Chili Relleno casserole and easy homemade guacamole.
We also made edible God's Eyes from Twizzlers (I saw them first here.)

Start with some dowels that are super glued together, and a bag of Twizzlers Pull-and-Peels.
Then, take your Twizzlers and pull a length off. First weave it in an “x” shape to fill in the middle of the sticks. Next, wrap your yarn in a circle around one stick, turning it 90 degrees and bringing the yarn at a diagonal to the next stick. Then you wrap it around the next stick and keep repeating. When you get to the end of a string of Twizzlers, pinch the candy together in the back and the candy will stick to itself. Add the next string using the same technique. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


  1. Well then, happy Cinco de Quatro! Love your take on math. And using m&ms and Easter eggs for genetics. And, of course, anything with Oreos. I'm sure your weekends are busy with projects getting ready - but your weeks still are full! Great May day photos.

  2. I echo your thoughts about the math. It's more important that they really understand it and it's relationship to the world around them.

  3. Great week as usual Phyllis! I love the Cinco de Mayo baskets! I also LOVE the top picture of the boys. How stinking adorable are they!!!??? Scones look yummy too. You are doing, as always, the most fun things!

  4. What a great use of Easter eggs and Oreos:) And I love your May Day baskets! One of these years I'm going to remember to do something like that:)

  5. You really come up with some amazing activities! My kids still love talking about the Trail of Tears,they would love the map work. The Gods Eye very creative! I could just pin your whole blog for resourceful,creative activities. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I have so much catch up reading to do here - great activities!

  7. You do so many cool things in a week! I love how you taught punnett squares and your Cinco de Quatro celebration. I'm doing to start featuring summer bucket lists on Mondays. I'm featuring your list in my post tomorrow. Love your list!

  8. So many awesome things in your week, I don't even know which to comment on first :) I love all of the food, especially since I'm feeling hungry right now ;) Your take on math is like my own. I think the May Day baskets are such a nice idea!

  9. It always amazes me how much fun and learning you have in a week at your house! And the yummy food?! I always leave here hungry:)

  10. I am getting out the unifix cubes today! Thank you :-)

    Love that first pic of your boys!


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