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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Enjoying Summer Close to Home

You do not have to spend lots of money or go anywhere special to have a wonderful summer. All you have to do is commit yourself to laugh often, play together, listen more, love always.
Just be present in the moment.
Take the time to...
 try new recipes.
run through the sprinklers with the younger ones.
have ice cream any time.
take morning walks and talk with the older ones.
buy lots of books
take lots of time to read the books...to yourself, to others.
chase fireflies.
make homemade lemonade and sit on the deck and sip it as they play.
 celebrate summer birthdays, but also celebrate the everyday. Why not?
look them each and every one of them in the eyes and tell them how much you love them.
rest in the grass and look for cloud shapes.
blow bubbles and chase them.
play and imagine. Make up stories.
explore every park within driving distance.
camp in the backyard with them, sleeping in a tent.
tie-dye T-shirts in the backyard.
swim in the backyard pool with friends.
swim in a lake.
look with wonder at that bees, butterflies and birds. Can you find something new just in your own backyard?
plant herbs and then cook with them.
make s'mores in your backyard.
eat watermelon.
play board games.


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  1. we need to tie dye shirts! ...great post :-)

  2. Take time to read the books!?! I knew I was forgetting something :)

  3. Many wonderful suggestions for the summer!

  4. Great list...great mama! We just made our first batch of s'mores for the summer last night. Little Clementine looked on with wonder at them...this time next year she will be full of sticky goodness I'm sure.

    I need to run through a sprinkler again. It's been...well...I don't even know how long :) I think my kids would flip to witness that!

  5. Lovely post...just lovely...

  6. In other words, live life to the utmost...

  7. What a lovely post! So many fun summer ideas. :)

  8. You're right! Finances are lean right now due to several trips to the garage lately...so for the time being we'll be doing things close to home that are mostly free. There really is so much to do if you LOOK for it openly!

  9. What a beautiful post reminding everyone to enjoy their time with the family in simple, meaningful ways! Wonderful! :)

  10. So very very true!

  11. oh Phyllis! I love this post. I am going to print it out and hang it on my fridge. What a wonderful reminder to find the amazing in everyday moments. Your children are so blessed to have you for their Mother. HUGS!!!

  12. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

  13. ice cream any time sounds great! :))

  14. Love the tie dye idea! Great list :)


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