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Snapshot Summary, April 23-27, week 27 Review Week

Snapshot Summary, April 23-27

This week was a built-in review week, so we did not cover a lot of new material. Here are a few of the hands-on activities we did this week, however.

The Erie Canal (1825) and Presidents Monroe and Adams (1817-1829)

Alex's notebook page
We learned about the state of Missouri, and had a Missouri-inspired dinner to celebrate.
James' math matrix
James and I continued his work with decimals, this time making a matrix, and working with multiplying decimals...
Quentin's work with the counting board
and Quentin and I worked on bases again for a better understanding of place value.


  1. You are the hands on learning expert, that's for sure!!

    Thanks for linking this week.

    I see you have 10 Weeks of Summer Learning and Fun coming in June -- fun fun!!

  2. As usual a great week. I just love your States Studies. I know your kids are never going to forget the things they have learned while they 'visited' the USA!

  3. Awesome - review week means your school year is finishing up? Looks so rewarding to go over all you have learned! I am very excited about your 10 weeks of summer learning with Pinterest. I've been watching you pin wonderful things!

    1. No, I have a built-in "review" week every semester (we have four a year). I use it to make sure they finish all their projects and review everything to make sure they have it all before we go on to other concepts. We have one more semester and then I immediately start the Summer Learning Fun. I am glad you like the pins! Come join along!

  4. We sent your postcard yesterday!! Blessings to you all:)

  5. Looks like a great week for you all :)
    I love your new header, Phyllis!
    I'm interested to hear more about the "10 Weeks of Summer Learning and Fun with Pinterest". That sounds great!!


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