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Presidential Pockets

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Today, to celebrate President's Day, we made Presidential Pockets.
They could, however, be made for any famous person.
 We just took a piece of construction paper and folded it in half.
 We snipped off the corners of the bottom to resemble a pocket from a coat.
 Unfold and cut off about an inch and a half from one side.
 When you refold it together, the top flap can be folded down...
 to resemble a coat pocket. It also helps to keep anything you might want to put in it...more about that in a minute. You can glue the edges together to make the pocket able to hold things.
notebooking page from the The Notebooking Fairy.
 Your pocket can fit on a notebooking page. This is a smaller pocket to leave room for some writing on the same page.
 Quentin chose to embellish his pocket and chose not to glue down the sides.
Quentin chose to make a President Washington pocket, so he included pictures of a cherry, a bullet and some hard tack to represent the Revolutionary War and The Declaration of Independence.
It made a little lapbook-type folder this way. In it we pictures of items that represent the person the pocket is about. Since Quentin's pocket was more like a folder, he glued his items down. If you choose to make it like a pocket, you can have loose items. They can be real items if they are small and flat, such as a button or a piece of yarn or cloth or you can draw the items and cut them out.


  1. Such a nice way to add flair to a notebooking page! I love it.

  2. Very clever! Will have to remember this for when my kids are a little older.

    Thanks for sharing with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  3. What a cute pocket. I like the simplicity.


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