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Snapshot Summary, January 23-27 Railroads and Geoboards

Snapshot Summary, January 23-27
This was one of those crazy weeks. We started out the week with a little bug going through the family, and ended up the week cleaning house to show it...the first showing we have had this year so far. Between the two, we didn't accomplish much in terms of school work.
On Monday, we celebrated the Year of the Dragon simply this year with take-out Chinese, red envelopes with new dollar coins in them and painting dollar store lanterns.
While Sam and Alex had pretty much an average week, the little boys have had a different sort of week, filled with...
Working on the Geoboard
We played worked many games activities with our new Geoboard...

Geoboard Shape Sorting
Geoboard Numerals
 Geoboard Paths
We will be getting to more geoboard fun next week.
Railroad Trains
We also began a study of Railroad Trains.
We made a timeline of railroad history. We will be adding other historical events as we go along to help with context. We are also reading By The Shores of Silver Lake now, which is the Little House book in which Pa works for the railroad and Ma and the girls take a ride on a train for the first time.

 We compared the power steam has when it boils in an open pan...
to that of a teakettle in which the steam is more pressurized.
We sketched pictures of how a steam engine works.
We also took a look at railroad train wheels and friction.

The younger boys have been very interested in writing their own books. I have been giving them the time and space to write as much as they want.
We steamed some mussels this week and the kids tried them for the first time. It caused a lot of excitement as they couldn't help but examine them and it turned out to be more of a science experience than a culinary one. The younger boys insisted on our keeping the shells.

On Friday night, Steven and I went to a homeschool parents dinner hosted by one of our friends. It was the first time we had been out somewhere for dinner just the two of us in some time.
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  1. Love the the timeline of railroad history! Uaing the geoboard to make numbers was very creative. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh I love that timeline of railroad history! And, may I say, that you accomplished all this learning and got the house ready to show? Wow! Giving time and space to write their own books - wonderful. I love that photo of writing in action. I can see the wheels turning. Y'all are steaming along!

  3. What a great week even so! I hope your house showing went well.

  4. I think all of the different activities you did with the geoboards are great!
    Writing their own books is a super way to work on writing skills.
    It looks like lots of good things happened, even though it was a crazy week :)

  5. I need to find more geoboard activities - we have a geoboard and it just sits here... where did you get your ideas??

    I love that you gave the boys time to just WRITE -- you are a good mom.

    Thanks for linking with Collage Friday :-)

  6. My kids are super excited about steaming mussels as well.

  7. I love the Railroad timeline. I have already told you how much I love the Chinese Lanterns. We are going to a Chinese New Year party and I am going to try to find some to take. The geoboard activities are AWESOME! Your 'crazy' weeks are still chocked full of learning!


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