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Snapshot Summary, January 2-7, The Ninth Day of Christmas-Epiphany

Snapshot Summary, January 2-7

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These are some of my Favorite Things from this week...

 The only thing that James had wished he had gotten for his birthday was a Lego cake, so we made him some...
and they had enough food coloring in them to last the whole year!
The Ninth Day of Christmas

The Tenth Day of Christmas
We made an Gingerbread Ice Cream Cake and played with toys from Christmas day...
like Alex's Rainbow in My Room.

The Eleventh Day of Christmas
We made a Yule Log cake (sorry, I forgot to take a photo) and I noticed this potato when I was peeling potatoes for dinner. Sweet things can be found anywhere if you look for them.

 On the Twelfth day of Christmas, I hid the pickle ornament in the tree for all to search for.
We decided not to have a bean cake this year so the person who found the pickle would be our King or Queen this year. So Katie became our Queen this year...
and opened the last present of Christmas, the pickle prize, which, as usual, was a game for us all to play together.
Twelfth Night

This is our day to take down the tree and pack away the Christmas things.


  1. Christmas fun really lasts in your house! I love the potato :)

  2. Great pictures as usual. I love the Lego cake! and the blue mouth. :) YAY for Katie...the Pickle Queen. I so agree what you said about the heart potato...sweet, beautiful things CAN be found anywhere.

  3. You, my friend, are the queen of celebrating and learning! That heart shaped potato is too pretty to eat! Beautiful job on the lego cake - with food coloring to last the whole year. And Happy Birthday James! (P.S. - Nana hides the pickle for our children on her tree :)

  4. A heart shaped potato!! Wow!!

    Glad you had such a beautiful Christmas season. Many blessings in this new year!

  5. I really like the Lego Cake -- just made one for my little guy's birthday, too. Ditto on the food coloring! :-)

    Thanks for linking!

  6. What a wonderful holiday you all had at your house this year. I loved reading all the posts and seeing the pictures!!
    Hope 2012 turns out to be the best year yet for your family.
    God Bless!!

  7. happy twelfth night of christmas, phyllis. i love how all of you searched for the pickle! and playing a family game is the cozy way to end the holidays :) i'm ready to take my tree down also, but first we have a celebration with friends. it's later this year, as korrina is traveling. it's good to be ready to take down the tree!

  8. Oh so much to say about this post! Those Lego cakes look fun and yummy.. and the gingerbread ice cream cake looks dangerously delicious. haha! I love that potato! I love finding things like that. And I love your son's suspenders! I adore suspenders. And I really want to adopt your hidden ornament tradition! That sounds fun and what a sweet prize!

  9. I love reading about your week and looking at all your photos! We hide the pickle too:) Blessings for a wonderful new year for you and your family!

  10. That Lego cake is pretty awesome!

    After seeing all of your posts and several other friends I know who did Epiphany, I'm so tempted to do it as well........ But, on the other hand I really like having a dining room table to eat on. Oh the dilemmas.


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